Sunday, 27 May 2012

Julia Gillard's future in the 'cross hairs'

Its on again...leadership speculation. I believe this round of speculation may well lead to the dumping of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The lynch pin this time will be the mining jobs issue. The rancour shown by Paul Howes ( one of the faceless men that endorsed the dumping of Kevin Rudd ) in his most recent interview about the jobs in mining issue, has given the ALP another reason to commit 'hurri currie'. For good measure Joel Fittzgibbon ALP whip no less, is out there in Labor caucus gathering the number again for anyone other than Julia Gillard.

This week will be dedicated not to governing Australia but to the preparation of the ground work that may well be the final nail in Gillard's coffin. Leadership speculation is paralysing the Labour Government and will be brought to a head.

The trouble is no other Labor member wants to be the sacrificial lamb on the alter of political expediency unless he/she wants to be Prime Minister for a year or so. Of course there is one person who will be prepared to become Prime Minister again and that is Kevin Rudd. The trouble is in installing Kevin Rudd, many of the existing Cabinet members who said they would not be able to work in Cabinet with Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister would resign or face personal ridicule. In the eyes of the public this would be a total farce and surely mean the end electorally of the ALP.  

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