Friday, 6 July 2012

'The public service and political patronage'

This article does not necessarily condone the actions of Campbell Newman and the new LNP Government but rather to illustrate the dynamics of a reforming government. I am well aware of the human angel and the anguish that no doubt is currently consuming Queensland families as their contract are not renewed.

What Queenslanders are witnessing in an LNP Government setting its own agenda after 21 years of one administration.

If a reforming Government irrespective of whether its ALP or LNP is sincere in implementing its agenda, it cannot tinker around the edges. All that will happen then is pretty much more of the same, which is what the electorate rejected. It must literally dismantle before it can create something new.

The fact that Queensland has a projected deficit of $ 85 billion compounds the problem. Generally if the debt was not a financial concern (and it is to the international agencies that credit rate Queensland) then the need for bureaucracy slashing would not be so obvious. A new Government could implement its mandate without reduction in outlays. The bottom line is that it must make financial room for its policies to be implemented.

Of recent time the Whitlam Government and Rudd Governments did similar. The difference of course is that the ALP is noted as bureaucracy builders, so there were no dislocation in the public service work force, whereas the LNP is not as much focused on the bureaucracy (process building) but rather laying the groundwork for business to thrive with less red tape.

Middle management another characterisation for the concept of process building literally went through the roof under Goss, Beattie and Bligh. Generally this is how Governments particularly left leaning ones generate patronage. It is in this aspect of Government that the LNP is directing its focus.
Author: Ross Parisi

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