Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Another poll that nibbles at Gillard's creditability

Poll gives Kevin Rudd clear lead over Julia Gillard as ALP leader

A new poll shows Kevin Rudd is preferred as Labor leader over Julia Gillard by a margin of three to one. Source: HWT Image Library

Three times as many voters would prefer to have Kevin Rudd as Labor leader than Julia Gillard, a new poll suggests.

Just 12 per cent of Essential Poll respondents nominated Ms Gillard as their preferred Labor leader, compared to 37 per cent backing Mr Rudd.

Ms Gillard was only marginally more preferred in the post than Malcolm Turnbull, who was backed by 11 per cent of voters despite being a Liberal MP
The poll comes as Labor launches a new glossy brochure detailing the Gillard government's achievements.

The 24-page document lists Labor's achievements in office and outlines its “historic purpose”.

“We set our alarm clocks early because we know that to be in government is a great honour and privilege,” the Prime Minister says in the foreword.

But she says the results of Labor's reform program are starting to show.

The booklet nominates the avoidance of recession, pension increases, tax cuts, low interest rates and paid parental leave as amongst Labor's proudest achievements.

The Essential Poll reflects similar results in previous polls.

But it illustrates sharply the task before the Prime Minister and her government.

Even among Labor voters, Ms Gillard trailed Mr Rudd 31 per cent to 43 per cent.

Her support among women voters reflects her poor level of support more generally as Labor leader.

Mr Rudd, who wife Therese Rein reported today was “scampering” up and down a hospital ward after heart surgery, has not ruled out a second tilt at the Labor leadership.

But he would have no more than a handful of supporters in the Labor caucus, which is still to recover from the last leadership change.

Mr Turnbull laughed off the poll figures showing support for him to lead the labor Party.

“I think it (the poll) shows 11 per cent of the respondents had a devilish sense of humour,” he told the National press Club.

EMC polls are based on a weekly online survey conducted by Your Source - an Australian social and market research company.

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