Monday, 1 August 2011

Carbon dioxide tax crazy: Della Bosca

Andrew Bolt
Monday, August 01, 2011 at 07:04am

Of course the tax is mad, but so is the delusion that we’re threatened by dangerous man-made warming:
THE former NSW minister John Della Bosca has called the federal government’s carbon tax a mistake and the ‘’craziest thing’’ the Prime Minister could have done.
‘’I’m not a climate sceptic,’’ he said. ‘’Action on climate change is one thing. But I think the carbon tax is a mistake. It’s the craziest thing she [Gillard] could have done.’’… He said he accepted the science of climate change, but Mr Iemma suggested the carbon tax policy would do little to improve the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

 Mr Iemma said the Greens had exercised excessive influence on the government’s policies.He is the second senior NSW Labor figure after former premier Morris Iemma to criticise his federal colleagues for introducing a carbon tax.

Mr Iemma is also reported to oppose the Gillard government’s carbon tax, saying it is economically costly and likely to unseat Labor in the next federal election It’s time some of these critics summoned the courage to not only denounce the tax as useless and stupid, but as a fake cure to a faked problem.

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