Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Speaker John Mickel quits in protest after having powers handed to committee of MPs

Speaker of the House John Mickel
Speaker of the House John Mickel has announced his intention to
quit politics at the next state election.
Picture: Tim Marsden Source: The Courier-Mail

SPEAKER John Mickel has announced he is quitting after a 13 year career in state politics.

Mr Mickel today blamed the decision to hand over the running of the Parliament precinct to a committee of senior MPs for his decision to retire.

He also condemned the decision cut the superannuation for retiring politicians.

It was unclear whether Premier Anna Bligh was informed of the decision before Mr Mickel made the announcement.

The Premier and the Logan MP, who was touted as a potential Labor leader, have had a falling out over recent years.

I won't be seeking my party's nomination for the next election,'' Mr Mickel said. I stood for a principle. The Parliament has spoken so what I want to do today is say I've had a discussion with my party.

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