Monday, 6 August 2012

Facebook page 'Queenslanders for Democracy'

The Facebook page 'Queenslanders for Democracy' is indeed an ALP page entirely and will not allow other views. Sad but true. The page is administered by a Janene Lee O'Sullivan.

It is disappointing but the administrator is indicative why the ALP were literally evicted from parliament.

It does not surprise me that that they are embarrassed and wounded and therefore seek refuge with people and supporters that they have an affinity with.

One day I am sure they will have to again face the real world. In the meantime they will seek solace within themselves.

It is encouraging that only 130 members (25 added by myself and another 30 or so by Rob Pyne ) make up the above page. A number of its members are defeated state politicians, their wives, supporters, political hacks and apparatchiks.

Some of those same people are members of this page "Queenslanders State LNP Government' and I welcome their point of view and I certainly do not censor or suppress their opinion by banning their membership.

The ALP needs to understand that becoming insular is not the solution. The solution lies in open discussion. Banning individuals that may not agree with the administrator Janene Lee 0'Sullivan is short-sighted and certainly not 'Queenslanders for Democracy'

R. Parisi.
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  1. So why did Campbell Newman ban me from his page? Why did Gavin King ban me from his page? They hate democracy?


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