Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Facebook - 'Queenslanders for Democracy'

 'This is what heads the " Queenslanders for Democracy" page. And then the block who does not have fun with them lampooing the LNP. Democracy if given legal personality would sue the page for cannablishing the word.'

R. Parisi.
'Queenslanders for Democracy seeks to preserve democracy by sharing information that needs to be made public, given that ...
we have a unicameral parliament, a press owned mainly by one company and a government with a huge majority. Post any information that you think will help preserve our democractic rights in Queensland.'

I think we should put our focus back on sharing information that we think others need to know about in relation to the current state government. We should remember to play nice. The below article and Q&A last night may have put me in a better mood
3 hours ago near Cannon Hill

    • Leigh Dall'Osto Q and A was wonderful. As is your shared article. Thanks Kerryn. Sorry about the other bits.......Cairns is full of us political beasts and we don't always play nice.....although we do try!
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  1. Hi Ross, Sorry you missed my comment about some people just being nasty.


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