Tuesday, 7 August 2012

'Queenslanders for Democracy' | NOT

Kerryn Loose Jones
Hi All, just a quick note to let you know that Ross Parisi is copying and reposting everything we say on here on his blogspot *raspberry to him.

Kerryn Loose Jones : Leigh Dall'Osto is that you doing that? I think it only fair that you tell people that you are sharing

    • Kerryn Loose Jones have you got anything cut and paste to share that he has written to you? Seems odd, where did he come from and how did he find this page?

    • Kerryn Loose Jones You got a special mention I think

    • Kerryn Loose Jones The ALP girls really let their hair down thinking that in their dark dungeon no one could see what they were saying. And Darren is sleeping with the fishers. We all know what happens then.. I like Nicky's comment about 'Democracy'...quite revealing!
      This comment may have been made by Leigh Dall'Osto although I am happy for him to correct me if I am wrong, I am not familiar with how blogs work

    • Kerryn Loose Jones no special mention, he singled out another name, but our profile pics and comments are on there

    • Kerryn Loose Jones Perhaps the reason why he has not been successful in his bids to represent his region of late?

    • Kerryn Loose Jones I also like how we are 'alp girls', not women, citizens, constituents, voters, but GIRLS

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  1. Poor Jane Linthicum. Doesn't she realise there's only one elected Labor politician in fnq. Curtis Pitt. We can't attack him all the time4. He's too easy a target.

    These people are pathetic. They shun debate, censor different thinking, exercise hate speech, and then whine about the voters putting them out of their misery.

    I look forward to the politics of 2015, when the ALP and its poisonous children are no longer to be endured.

  2. Bryan Law and Ross Parisi, Not shunning debate at all. Just trying to escape the bullying and intimidation tactics of LNP. ALP not much better with many members/ elected politicians watching on without any intervention. It is very serious when elected politicians ,those that aspire to be politicians and those that work for politicians, both paid and volunteer choose to silence members of the public but even worse then they refuse to respect the wishes of the public when they ask for the harassment and abuse to stop and to be left alone. Politicians in Australia have reached a new low harassing the public as you both have done, rgds Jane.


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