Wednesday 28 December 2011

Cr. Blake and Cr Bonneau should stand down

Councillors face conduct scrutiny

AN independent panel has been formed to determine whether a Cairns councillor breached codes of conduct when he voted on matters that affected his election campaign sponsors.
Cr Sno Bonneau allegedly accepted campaign donations from business owners and developers during the 2008 election, but failed to note the money when he cast his vote in favour of their projects at subsequent council meetings.

The allegations were raised by Cr Rob Pyne in February, and the matter was referred to Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission.

The watchdog confirmed it had passed the matter on to the Department of Local Government and Planning, which has formed a regional conduct review panel to determine any wrongdoing or punishment. A decision on the matter is expected in the New Year.

The CMC is overseeing similar allegations against another Cairns Regional councillor, Alan Blake, who is also accused of breaching conflict of interest laws under the Local Government Act.

Those allegations were raised by former council candidate, Janine Aitken, in October.

Author | Daniel Strudwick strudwickd@ | The Cairns Post | 27th December 2011 

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My Opinion

Cr Bonneau and Cr Blake should stand down from any official position and not participate in any Cairns Regional Council duty while they are under investigation for possible breach of conduct.

Any elected position is one of trust and for that trust to be compromised is not acceptable under our Westminster system of democracy and public accountability.

The allegations that they may have accepted undeclared donations from Developers and may have voted in development applications are serious matters and go to the core in public probity.

One of the major tenet in our parliamentary government/democracy is that all citizens are subject to the law and that justice needs to be done but also is seen to be done.

The above mentioned Councillors should be given the opportunity to stand aside and falling that the Cairns Regional Council's CEO should demand that they stand down and refrain from any Council engagement while the allegations are investigated by the Regional Conduct Review Panel.

Ross Parisi

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  1. Aren't there thousands of voters in each division? Each person votes for their own division and mayor? So doesn't this just come down to community support .. Good campaigning? What's fair and equitable about clearing one divisions votes? Do it for one... Do it for all!?! Wt?

  2. I agree anom! I voted and system won't allow me to vote again, our division has injected their support of AS enmasse and now locked out to vote again ... Either re instate accurate votes as were.. Or wipe all divisions back to 0... Is this the process u wld follow as ur divisions councillor? Mmmmm dodgy is not the votes.... Dodgy is the website 'master'

  3. Hi anom 2, mmmm not so easy fixed by wiping all divisions to 0 it seems.. As cant vote more than once......! Give div 6 their votes back! Got to be glad I am not in ur division Ross, u gave us a voice and then took it away.... U r like a kid who's lollipop fell in the sand! Threw a tanty and took the other kids lollipop away! Are these the processes u would employ and advocate while representing ur community? Anom 1.


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