Thursday 26 April 2012

Police Report QP 1200399073.

Like in all things and in politics even more so, one must be true to their word. And so as 4.30 clicked by and I had not heard from Community Alliance, Roslyn Smith or their representatives, I filed a complaint with the Police Service. 

Police Report No is QP 1200399073. 

When asked by the Police Officer if I had any person of interest I gave them a name and a mobile number. 

This information has been forwarded to  Cairns Media outlets for their use. 

I hope that Cairns Community Alliance (CCA) does not see the light of day come Sunday morning. The aggression shown by their booth workers ( mostly candidates ) is off putting and verging on intimidation. Is it any wonder that the latest poll results that I have in my possession, indicates a low support base of 13.5 %. for Margaret Cochrane. The Councillor candidates are polling as low as 6 %. Based on these figures it is obvious that Unity has starved them of any political oxygen. 

As I said in an earlier posting Aussie voters do not support 'spoilers'.

Ross Parisi.
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Cairns Community Alliance under suspicion for tampering with election signs.

Good morning Sam...may I respectfully suggest you intervene in this issue and have the person responsible ( has access to Roslyn Smith's signs) return the sign before I take the matter to the police...the matter will be referred to the police at 4.30pm today if not resolved to my satisfaction).

I find you an honourable person and therefore I expect you to assist in resolving this matter before it goes to the police and indeed becomes an embarrassment to Community Alliance.

Thank you. Ross Parisi. 
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Good morning Friends. You might recall that Tanya and I had a sign at the Caravonica roundabout a photo is attached below. A very telling sign showing up a serious problem. Last night at 8.15pm the sign printed in red was still there and there was no Roslyn Smith - Cairns Community Alliance sign anywhere near the roundabout.

After some time one of my supporters went on their usual tour or of inspection and notice a vehicle park nearby and a person alighted and proceeded to remove the red painted sign and planted a Roslyn Smith sign some 20 meters away right on the roundabout. My supporter followed the vehicle home.

The person responsible has until 4.30 today 26th April to return the sign to where it was. Falling that the matter will be reported to the police. Stealing is a criminal offence. I have 75 signs + 5 billboards and until last night had 2 stolen, one of which is on Discovery Drive which has been reported to the police with details of the transgressor.

Ross Parisi

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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Caravonica Roundabout bottleneck.

Fact 1. The Captain Cook Highway is State funded.

Fact 2. Road infrastructure funding priorities are set in consultation with Cairns Regional Council. 

Fact 3. For too long the CRC has lost the plot when it comes to recognising the road infrastructure needs of the Marlin Coast.

Fact 4. Tanya Brooks - Cooper, your  CRC Div 8 candidate and myself, have joined forces to ensure that the right priorities will be set by the CRC and the State Government.


The bank up of traffic now extends beyond Dillon Rd...Unless sold off or cancelled by this or previous CRC there is an easement set aside in 1994 between the Yorkeys Knob roundabout and the University roundabout for the construction of the Smithfield by pass. 

The construction of this road would be a joint effort between CRC and the State. This is a priority in the 'Parisi Plan'.  This construction would help reduce the congestion at the two round abouts.
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ANZAC | the History

The date of the landing at ANZAC, the 25th April was chosen to be the day that would become our national day of commemoration.

Initially, ANZAC day  was a mark of respect for those who served and sacrificed their lives in the Great War for Civilisation, the war as many hoped, to end all wars. However, because of the vicissitudes of man, the date has become the day on which the nation remembers those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in all the conflicts that Australia has participated up to the present day in the continuing struggle to preserve our freedoms in the attempt to rid the world of tyranny.

ANZAC, originally an acronym for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, that was used by the clerks of General Birdwood’s staff at his headquarters in Shepheard’s Hotel in Cario, Egypt. The word ANZAC was approved by General Birdwood as the code for the Corps, when the word was proposed by a Major CM Wagstaff. It is thought the suggestion came from a Lieutenant AT White of the Royal Army Service Corps. It is recorded in the official history that “it was some time before the code word came into general use, and at the Landing (on the 25th April, 1915) many men in the divisions had not heard of it”. After the landing, General Birdwood gained permission to use the name for the area occupied by the Australian and New Zealand Forces.

At ANZAC on the Dardanelles Peninsula, Australian and New Zealand troops landed on the 25th April 1915 where they, along with other Commonwealth Forces, held ground against almost impossible odds for the next eight months, against a Turkish force determined to defend to the death their homeland. The British action planned to secure the heights overlooking the forts guarding the narrow straits at the entrance to the Sea of Marmora. 
The purpose to silence them and allow the French and British Navy to proceed to Constantinople (now Istanbul) and by a show of force convince the Turkish Government to capitulate and to come on the side of the Allies.

The plans did not bear fruit and what ensued was a tremendous series of battles by both sides over the next eight months. It was all the British forces (of which the Australian and New Zealand force were a part), could do to hold ground against a Turkish army determined to drive them into the sea. It was a battlefield where no one, not even General Birdwood and his staff were safely out of the range of Turkish guns. The odds against them were tremendous, but they held on repulsing many Turkish counterattacks in conditions of hardship that tested the hardiest.

Both sides suffered horrendous casualties amongst the many ravines and gullies of that rugged battleground on which the ANZAC tradition was formed and that has become the benchmark for standards of courage, mateship, humour and a determination to complete a given task, and has set an example for all Australians to follow whenever faced with difficulties.

The ANZACs, as they became known went on to continue that tradition on the Western Front and Palestine throughout the 1914 – 1918 conflict where conditions at times were a greater trial than at ANZAC. In that war the first Australians fought and proved themselves as a Nation to be reckoned. ANZAC forces in the field suffered over 270,000 casualties of which in excess of 78,000 Australians and New Zealanders were either killed in action or died of wounds. There have been many more since.

The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance
Lest We Forget

R. Parisi
JP. ( Com. Dec )

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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Ross Parisi How to Vote Div 9

This is my 2 sided 'How To Vote' card. I ordered 10,000 and they all arrived today. 2,500 will be distributed into letter boxes on Thursday as planned.

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Cairns Regional Council | Div. 9 | Cairns Sun

This add will be appearing in the Cairns Sun, this Thursday. I will let the add do the talking. Cheers.

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Sunday 22 April 2012

Div.9 | 2011/12, $30 million raised in rates NOT 1 cent spent of new infrastructure.

Under the ‘Parisi Plan’ My pledge to you states:-

Item 1     Value for your rates  

I will move for an external Audit of Council operations to see where waste can be eliminated through inefficient operation and savings made. Examine the introduction of Divisional Equity

Under the requirements of the Local Government (Finance, Plan and Reporting) Regulation2010 Council is required to adopt a budget for a 3 year period up to 2013/14. When CRC adopted the 2011/12 Budget it adopted the following figures:-

Rates and Utility Charges 2011/12      $234,000,000
Rates and Utility Charges 2012/13      $248,000,000   - 4.5% increase
Rates and Utility Charges 2013/14      $264,000,000   - 7% increase.

The operating deficit is estimated at $4 million

Division 9

Approx $ 30,000,000 in rates and charges was raised from ratepayers in rates and charges in 2011/12

Capital Works (new infrastructure) in 2011/12    -   Nil

Is it any wonder that the residents on Division 9 are livered in the operations of this Council. Division 9 is subsidising the rest of Cairns Regional Council to the tune of $22 million per year. Approx $8 million is used for maintenance of assets and the running of CRC such as wages of clerical staff.

Divisional Equity must be introduced within the Council budgeting structure otherwise Divisional 9 will continue to be the milking cow for other Divisions.

Ross Parisi.
Div. 9 Candidate  
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Bob Manning 5 th Memo as Mayor to CEO | Raj Cairns Report

The Raj Report | Capital expenditure

Bob Manning 4th Memo as Mayor to CEO and Manager of Finance "How did CRC spend $1.6 million on the CEP out of CAPITAL WORKS in 2010/2011 when it is still in Planning. I need money for Roads and Drains"



In the 12 months from 26 June 2010 to 30 June 2011 expenditure on capital works was $109m. Some of the major projects undertaken during the year include:

Table 1: Major Capital Works Major 2010/11 Capital Projects

Water and Waste Projects

• Cleaner seas project $4,697,232
• Construction of fluoride plants at Mossman, Whyanbeel and Frenchman’s
  Creek $2,935,199
• Reservoir constructions $1,273,829
• Upgrade trunk water main Moore Road reservoir $1,175,792
• Mossman Wastewater Treatment Plant design and construct dewatering
  plant $1,147,344
• White Rock sewerage scheme $1,039,939

Major Roads Upgrades

• Reseals 2010/11 program $2,769,720
• Pavement rehabilitation 2010/11 $1,189,936
• Asphalt overlays 2010/11 $1,714,912
• Lily Street (Tennis Centre) car parking improvements $609,532
• MacDonnell Street car parking improvements $582,659
  Major Drainage Works
• MacDonnell Street $673,376
• Saltwater Creek $622,541
• Old Smithfield Road $326,158
• Jaye Street $298,422

Other Major Projects

• Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre $4,318,246
• Cairns Regional Tennis Facility $1,666,837
Cairns Entertainment Precinct $1,606,488
• Woree Multi-purpose Community Care $2,098,677
• Sugarworld Waterslide $1,068,354
• Port Douglas Esplanade Upgrade (Four Mile Beach) $657,082

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Saturday 21 April 2012

'Parisi Plan' | School crossing and parking issues.

Below is a posting in answer to a query on another page that I am a member of. I would like to share it with you.

"Rebecca, I share your concern. Value for what you pay in rates is shocking. Since amalgamation in 1995 and divisional equity ( what is raised in Div 9 is spent in Div 9 ) was scrapped, Div 9 has become a milking cow for the rest of the CRC. This must stop. Within 30 days I will be moving that:-
1. an external Audit be conducted into Council administration to find saving and how the council can improve service delivery;
2. that Divisional equity be introduced in the 2012-2013 budget.

"Parisi Plan" address all issues in Div 9. I am not a single issue candidate and am across all issues and if elected will not be on training wheels. I will hit the ground running

School related issues will be address with priority. For example. Caravonica school parking is a disgrace with traffic banking up to and beyond the Barron River bridge. Poolwood Rd and O'Brien road are issues that should have been resolved years ago and yet still remain un addressed.

Finally, early this week you will receive in your letter box my final Brochure which addresses the issue above and many others.

Thank you. Cheers."
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Friday 20 April 2012

Cr Alan Blake did vote for the Precinct, even though he says he didn't

But wait, take a look at this.   Here's the Councillor's voting record on the Cairns Entertainment Precinct.

Alan Blake moved the original motion, with the support of Deputy Mayor Cochrane who is now loudly opposing it as well.  In 2010 Blake moved another motion with specific reference to the waterfront site being "ideal and does not impede future Port development."

In this week's CairnsSun newspaper, Cr Blake says "I strongly opposed this new theatre plan and have lobbied for a more affordable option on a site that won't stifle vital port activity."

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Tuesday 17 April 2012

'Parisi Plan' | Brochure No. 2

The ' Parisi Plan ' is the principle document that incorporates my 5 core pledges that I have with the residents of Division 9 and the greater Cairns region. 

I have no objection if other competitors make my policies their focus of attention as well. Unity in particulars has seen the merit in my visionary policies on Div. 9 and has endorsed the 'Parisi Plan' as Unity's policies reflect my core principles.

Below is the Brochure that launches the 'Parisi Plan'. The first slide is page 4 & 1. The second slide contains p 2 & 3.

You are welcome to add your views to the 'Parisi Plan'. Indeed I am not the font of all knowledge and look forward to your interaction.

Ross Parisi
JP ( C. Dec.)
Candidate for Div. 9

Monday 16 April 2012

' Direction Forward ' | Division 9

This leaflet ( 6,000 ) in total is being letter boxed dropped today and tomorrow to all residents in Division 9.

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Sunday 15 April 2012

Poll: Who will you vote for in Division 9?

If you would like to caste your secret vote for your preferred candidate in your CRC Division do so by clicking on the below link and then scroll down to your Division. For the sake of reasonable accuracy vote only for a candidate in your Division. Happy voting!

Poll: Who will you vote for in Division 9?

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Saturday 14 April 2012

Unity rides a wave of community discontent

Cairns Entertainment Precinct a 'one trick pony', says Bob Manning

Daniel Strudwick
Saturday, April 14, 2012
© The Cairns Post

 Controversy: The future of the entertainment precinct has dominated the Cairns Regional Council elections, as mayoral candidate Bob Manning launched his campaign yesterday.

BOB Manning has criticised Mayor Val Schier for blaming the region's languishing economy on external factors such as the Global Financial Crisis, saying the current council is "making excuses".

am’s campaign launch yesterday to take the firmest swipe yet at the incumbent council, insisting Cairns had lost its "shining crown" as a safe and beautiful place to visit. But his campaign promises have been blasted by Cr Schier, who says Mr Manning and his team of candidates are trying to take credit for initiatives her council came up with.

Among Unity’s key policies is a commitment to manage a cost-competitive council that gets the most value for ratepayer dollars. The team, which has a candidate in all 10 divisions and the mayoral race, also promises to encourage investment in the region and improve safety in the CBD and local communities. "Like Anna Bligh and the former Labor state Government, Val Schier and her council would have us believe that all the setbacks of the past four years can be easily explained – we’ll blame it on the GFC and swine flu," Mr Manning said.

"Well I reject that explanation … this city could have been far more robust to weather these storms if we’d have had strong leadership." He said the current council was relying on a "one trick pony" by investing $57.3 million of its money in the proposed Cairns Entertainment Precinct.

Instead, the Unity team wants a smaller and cheaper performing arts complex built away from the waterfront on the corner of Lake and Hartley streets. "Cairns needs a fully diversified and balanced economy that has more strings to its bow than a CEP,’’ Mr Manning said.

But Cr Schier said Mr Manning and the Unity team have copied many of the policies she has implemented at the council since the last election."He’s pilfered the policies that we already have in place and is trying to pass them off as his own," Cr Schier said. "The suburban enhancement program, the cycleways strategy, the investment attraction fund, the economic development unit – we’ve heard nothing new from Unity. "I’m not blaming the Global Financial Crisis, but acknowledging that the whole world has had to deal with the GFC and that’s completely out of our control."

Cr Schier said Unity’s alternative vision for the entertainment precinct was inadequate.
"He wants to pull the CEP apart and yet he has no plans of his own – his plan is one sentence long."
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Friday 13 April 2012

Cairns Entertainment Precinct's future hangs in the balance

Daniel Strudwick
Friday, April 13, 2012
© The Cairns Post

Vision: Mayoral candidate Cr Margaret Cochrane's preferred site for a performing arts theatre, on Hartley St opposite the convention centre.

THERE are 122 people in expert fields already at work on the proposed Entertainment Precinct, and contracts worth $2.63 million are signed and under way with almost 30 companies. 

The figures, obtained by The Cairns Post, signal that Mayor Val Schier’s election rivals will likely find it harder and more costly than expected to throw away the $155 million project. The council has also accepted and spent most of its first payment from the Federal Government – $6 million that the Commonwealth could demand back if the next council chooses to scrap the plans and start fresh.

Mayoral candidates Margaret Cochrane, Ian Thomas and Bob Manning have all proposed smaller and cheaper versions of the current council’s project, and want the facility moved away from the waterfront. But Cr Schier has warned her political rivals that the State and Federal governments would happily withdraw their funding if the project is stalled by the next council and strict deadlines are missed.

Cr Schier’s three opponents have each insisted that the $97.3 million of state and federal funding promised to the entertainment precinct could be transferred to another project on a different site. "I think that with a new state government – with different thinking and different views in place – then there shouldn’t be any difficulty transferring the funds to another site," said Cr Cochrane, who officially launched her alternative plans for a performing arts theatre on Hartley St yesterday.

But neither the State nor Federal governments have said whether their funding would still be on offer if the incoming council wanted to change the precinct’s design and location.

Cr Schier said mayoral candidates were being "naive and misleading" if they told voters government cash would be available for any projects other than the one currently under way. "If anyone thinks they can take the money on the table and somehow allocate it to another site or another design, it’s just ludicrous in the extreme," Cr Schier said. "There’s a belief out there that we can do whatever we want with this money, but it’s been given to us in a partnership arrangement for a particular project on a particular site."

Work continues on the project but faces a roadblock after the new LNP State Government banned the council from awarding an integral contract on Wednesday, saying it was too close to the April 28 election.

It means a managing contractor – one of the most significant positions in the planning and construction process – won’t be appointed until the end of May, after a new council is sworn in. The council has worked for the past two years on the current plans, but all work would need to restart if the incoming council wanted to move the project or scale it back.

Such a move could breach the funding arrangements signed with the State and Federal governments, which require CRC to meet strict deadlines or risk losing the cash. "If we don’t meet those milestones and we break those contracts, then the other levels of government will gleefully take their money away because they’ve got budgets that need to be balanced," Cr Schier said.

According to the council’s agreement with the Commonwealth, a managing contractor needs to be appointed by May 31, almost as soon as the incoming council is sworn in.
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Thursday 12 April 2012

State Government steps in to stall Cairns Entertainment Precinct

Daniel Strudwick
Thursday, April 12, 2012
© The Cairns Post

 Stalled: Local Government Minister David Crisafulli has stepped in to stop Cairns Regional Council appointing a managing contractor for its entertainment precinct project.

THE upcoming council election will act as a "referendum" on the proposed Cairns Entertainment Precinct, with the State Government saying it is up to residents to vote for the project they want built.

In a controversial last-minute intervention yesterday, the new LNP Government blocked Cairns Regional Council from awarding one of the biggest contracts of the $155 million project, saying no more major decisions should be made until after the April 28 election.

The region’s four mayoral candidates each have a different vision for the entertainment precinct, and Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said the project will rightfully be in the hands of whoever is elected.

Mr Crisafulli sent a fax to Mayor Val Schier an hour before a critical council meeting yesterday, advising that her council did not have permission to appoint a managing contractor to the precinct so close to an election.
"Whoever forms the new council deserves the right to determine the way forward for the project, and to be locked into a course of action a few weeks out from an election is simply not fair," he said. "The future of the entertainment precinct was a major issue in the Far North during the state election campaign and is an even greater issue during the upcoming council elections."

It is understood the integral managing contractor position, which was supposed to be awarded yesterday, would be worth more than $10 million to the company that wins the contract. More than $6.4 million has been spent planning the proposed Wharf St precinct over the past two years, and almost $200 million of land and funding has been pledged to the project by the three levels of government.

But the current proposal could be ripped up and planning could return to square one, depending on who voters elect to the council later this month. Cr Schier is behind the existing plans, while her rivals Margaret Cochrane, Ian Thomas and Bob Manning want a smaller and cheaper facility on different land. Cr Schier said she was eager to talk to Mr Crisafulli to correct "bias misinformation" he might have been given about the project. But she blasted the new minister for overstepping his powers by trying to set the agenda for the local government election campaign. "For him to turn this election into a single-issue referendum is quite startling because there are so many other issues that people need to consider when they cast their votes," Cr Schier said.

But Mr Manning said the LNP Government was right to halt progress on the project. "If people feel very strongly in favour of this project, they should vote for Val Schier, but if they feel strongly against the current plans as they are put forward, then they should vote for one of the other candidates," he said.

Mr Crisafulli said the Bligh government’s commitment of $57.3 million was still secure under the LNP. And a spokesman for Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed the Commonwealth was also still committed to the partnership. But in order to meet the strict timelines set out by the Federal Government, the incoming Cairns council needs to appoint a managing contractor by the end of May or risk jeopardising the Commonwealth’s $40 million of funding.

Project manager Linda Cardew said the State Government’s decision to stall progress until after the election could hinder the council’s ability to meet its deadlines. "It’s got serious impact – not just on the next milestone in May, but a domino effect on all of the milestones that we need to meet to secure our funding," she said.
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My Comment 

My Pledge to Division 9 residents include Clause 5

5. Cairns Entertainment Precinct (CEP)
I will at the first meeting move for a legal, financial and location audit to determine if Council has got the best deal for the ratepayers and residents. If not too late reduce the capital outlay in these troubled financial times.

Ross Parisi
JP (C. Dec)
Candidate for Division 9

Sunday 8 April 2012

My pledge To Division 9 Residents of Cairns Regional Council

1. Value for your rates
I will move that an external audit of Council operations to see where waste can be eliminated through inefficient operation and savings made. Examine the introduction of Divisional equity. Any future rates rise will be limited to CPI.

2. Restore honesty, transparency, accountability and inclusiveness
I will return personalised service to the community with good old fashioned representation. Involve the community in the decision making process. Re-establish think tank Cairns Forum.

3. Deliver better infrastructure and planning
I will ensure that our community has an adequate water supply to meet our future needs and roads that are consistent with our needs.

4. Safety and Security
I will improve street lightning to deter crime and vandalism of public and private assets. Unless asked for by residents there will be no road interconnecting Kewarra Beach and Trinity Beach.

5. Cairns Entertainment Precinct (CEP)
I will at the first meeting move for a legal, financial and location audit to determine if Council has got the best deal for the ratepayers and residents. If not too late reduce the capital outlay in these troubled financial times.

Ross Parisi
JP (C. Dec)
Candidate for Division 9

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Friday 6 April 2012

Kewarra Beach sewerage reflux

29th March 2012  

Dear Ross,

We have been living at Kewarra Beach for two and a half years and have a channel at the back of the house.  At times of heavy rain this channel fills and overflows on to many properties and in some instances the water invades the houses.  I understand that this is the tropics But twice in this time (4/5th  Feb 2011 and 19th March 2012) we have had a lot of sewerage come up the drains outside our kitchen windows and in our bathroom, spilling out into other rooms.  At the very least this is a health hazard usually found in third world countries.  It’s not our drains, which have been cleaned through thoroughly twice.  We are not alone with this problem as the water department will verify.  Both times we have called them they say that that have been inundated with phone calls from people with the same problem from Kewarra Beach and Redlynch.  They just shrug their shoulders and tell us there is nothing that can be done. 

The channels and pumps are just not coping with the problems as no doubt they were built to cope with a much smaller population, but still the council gives permission for more housing estates to be built here and for resorts to expand (overriding Department of Environment Reports).

The residents here are far more concerned that our rates be used to rectify the problem of raw sewerage flowing down the streets (as happened Monday the 19th March) than building new entertainment precincts etc.

We are in the process of gathering signatures from people who have been affected and you will receive this in due course.

In the meantime it is the council election time and we would like an assurance from you and your team that you will (not hope to, might do, sometime in the future, maybe, couldn’t care less, will shelve it, can’t afford it, delegate it, pass the buck etc.) do something positive to fix this problem, whatever it costs before we have a serious health problem, in which case the council will definitely face a class action.
                                      ____________   |  ___________

 My Comment
I recently received this letter from a distress family in Kewarra Beach. The occurrence is not only common to Kewarra Street but also to other townships along the Marlin Coast.

I am surprised with the problem even existing as the sewerage reticulation along the Marlin coast is relatively new.

I am in the process of investigating this specific problem and will get back to Facebook and the concerned family as soon as I have an answer.' 
Ross Parisi.

'Parisi Plan' | Policy No 4

R. Parisi Div.9 CRC Policy No4  'Parisi Plan' 'Sporting and Community Infrastructure'


In 1976 the forward looking Mulgrave Shire Council ( MSC ) purchased for $135,000, 40 hectares of land at Trinity Beach for future community use. Within a year of purchase the MSC established the 'Trinity Beach Sporting Trust' ( Trust ) to administer the land. I remained a member of this Trust until the MSC was amalgamated with Cairns City Council in 1995.

Over the next10 years the Trust leased parts of the land to various sporting entities. Approx 10 acres of land adjoining the Cpt Cook Highway still remains undedicated. The usage of this parcel of land for 'Marlin Coast Youth Facilities.' is a central plant in the 'Parisi Plan'.


Proposed Policy Initative 2012. 'Core Policy Initative - Youth Facilities'

Policy No 4 'Sporting and Community Infrastructure' has at its core the usage of the above mentioned land for the sporting and community facilities.

My policy calls for the establishment of a 'Youth Task Force' to identify and establish long-term facilities for the youth of the Marlin Coast.

I proposed inviting the youth of the Marlin Coast under the joint leadership of Jack Andrew Wilkie-Jans and Sky Allen to investigate and identify issues that need to be addressed and where and how Cairns Regional Council could become involved.

If elected within the first 100 days I propose to call a meeting of interested people to establish a 'Youth Task Force'

' Parisi Plan' Policy No 4 ' Sporting and Community Infrastructure' is open for discussion.

                                 _________________   |   ________________

Thursday 5 April 2012

Richie Bates | Meet the Candidates Forum statement

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners both past & present on whose land we meet today.
I am a resident of Bungalow in Division 5. I have worked and spent my leisure time in the CBD and inner suburbs of Cairns for more than 20 years.
I'm running in Division 5 because I believe it is time that the residents of this division had a representative who is "one of their own" someone that can genuinely listen and understand their concerns and who has a track record in the area where they live. I am passionate about making the CBD and inner suburbs a better place to live and I have the energy AND dedication to make this happen.
As a union advocate and employee with Queensland Rail I realize how tough it is for working families in our region, I also understand that the rising cost of living and difficult economic times is having a negative impact on our lifestyle.
I have spent many years participating and volunteering in the sporting community; as a coach, club administrator, referee as well as Competitor.
I am a campaigner for the cycling community; I am dedicated to improving cycling infrastructure and the well-being of cyclists on our roads and road safety in general.
Right now all levels of government must work together and do all they can to ease the financial burden on families. I am committed to "rates relief" and keeping the cost of rates as low as possible.
I believe council should also be working on strategies for responsible economic diversity. Jobs and a decent wage for working people is what this city urgently needs. Empowering our development bodies to get on with this task is required now.
Revitalization of the CBD is a key issue with the city in many ways being the centerpiece of our lifestyle and the tourism industry. Fixing the mall and its related transport issues is a good start to Rehabilitating the city.
However, consultation of this process has been sadly lacking and we need to get back to basics by bringing to the table all the key stakeholders and the community.
And as a division 5 resident I know only too well the problems with flooding and drainage. Only last week a substantial amount of flooding occurred in division 5. Flood mitigation must be a priority.
Affordable AND Accessible sport and recreation, arts and cultural facilities are needed to give our youth meaningful activities. Bringing up to standard our sporting fields and park-lands will give us an edge in providing a future for our youth and combating anti-social behavior.
I’m Richie Bates and I ask for your vote in division 5 on April 28.
                                       _______________  |  _______________

Monday 2 April 2012

R. Parisi's speech to Cairns City Forum

This is the speech I gave to Cairns City Forum that was held in 'City Place'

"Direction Forward” For Division 9

Would like to acknowledge past, present and future traditional owners.

Thanks to Cairns City Forum for facilitating this event and a special thank you to the moderator and to all candidates that have put themselves on display in this ‘fish bowl’.

A Westminster styled democracy has at its core events called elections. Forums like this are the electorate's festivals.  And like all festivals there are stalls with items on display.

The stall holders of course would like you to be impressed by their product. And so it is that today, I am the product and I want you to be impressed by my package ‘Brand Parisi’.
Forums likes this are the perfect opportunity for the voters to unwrap the product and see if it is to their liking.

On the 28th of April you will be voting to elect a Mayor for Cairns Regional Council ( CRC ) and a Councillor for Division 9.  Every election is an important event because it is the time that the elector takes stock of their City.  You have the opportunity to have more of the same or to change direction.

Since the amalgamation in 1995 of the Mulgrave Shire Council and Cairns City Council, Division 9 has been represented by Councillor Sno Bonneau.  I wish to acknowledge his service to our community.

There are a number of reasons why I have nominated for Council, not the least of which is my passion to represent the area where I was born and raised.  In a colloquial way I am a true local.

Following numerous requests from community leaders, indigenous elders and residents, I am offering myself as your representative for Division 9. It is an area that I know so well.

In these troubled financial times and political disillusionment we have to be mindful that it’s not only the imposts of  Governments both Federal and State but also the workings of Council like rates and charges that affect our cost of living.

With an effective and efficient Council administration, these charges can be kept to a minimum if not in check.  With my civic experience, if elected, I will bring to Council, trustworthiness, experience, efficiency and no nonsense representation. I will hit the ground running and I will have no need to be on training wheels.

We need to operate a very lean Council without waste or inefficiency, but with improved quality and delivery of front services.

There are a number of Departments within Council’s bureaucratic structure where I believe savings can be made.  

If elected, I will move that Council appoint a leading Accountancy agency specialising in Local Government to do a full audit to identify areas where savings can be made and delivery of services improved.

The Cairns Entertainment Precinct (CEP) concerns me.  I am mindful that it may be too late to reverse. I am also mindful of the construction and operational costs, and the social disharmony which has divided our community. A Council should be an entity that breeds harmony and needs to take the community with it.

If elected, I will call for a financial and legal audit on the CEP to establish if it is not too late to revisit the location of the proposal (my preference being west of the Convention Centre) This location would obviate the need and save millions on the decontamination of the site and the inclusion and restoration of Whites Shed.

Other big ticket issues, both short and long-term, that I will be directing my focus and energies towards during my 4 year tenure are as follows:-

1.       The upgrading of the Cpt. Cook Highway from the current 1: 5 flood immunity, to 1: 25 year immunity. Both the Barron River bridge and Thomatis Creek bridge have such immunity;

2.      The dual laning of the Western Arterial road from Freshwater Creek Bridge to the Caravonica roundabout;

3.      The augmentation of the Kamerunga water treatment plant to process water from the Barron River thereby obviating the need to pump 10million litres daily from the Mulgrave River Aquifer with potential environmental concerns;

4.      Caravonica State school off street parking;

5.      Financial accountability and transparency through the introduction of inter Divisional financial equity.

If elected, I will pledge to work with the community in an inclusive manner.  My Plan proposes to set up various channels of communication where ratepayers and residents will not feel excluded from the decision making process.

Mindful of my responsibility, I would be happy to work with your choice of Mayor. While much good has been achieved by Val Scheir’ Council, there is a perception of dysfunction. I believe that teams create a “them and us” mentality.  In my opinion, teams = party politics.  All through my previous Council tenure I strived successfully to keep party politics out of the Mulgrave Shire.

During the course of the next 4 weeks, I will be releasing and fleshing out further policies that will drive Cairns and Division 9 forward.

Please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to your participation and support.
I ask for your trust. Together we can make this happen.

Ross Parisi

Office : 40381005
Mbl:    0419645818
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Sunday 1 April 2012

Ross Parisi | A selection of Testimonies

Dear Ross,

You're one of those people who have the sincerity, tenacity and vision that leaders are made of. You are inclusive and your resolve on issues that impact on the lives of many is a rarity.

We need Councilors who have experience, fortitude and prudent economic competence - you my friend have all of the above. For what its worth Ross, your time has come around again....there are a lot of clever people around who lack experience.... If I was in Division 9 you most certainly have my vote!! God bless and talk soon.

Rowena Bullio

Ross congratulations putting your hand up to serve the community. We need some one with integrity experience to stand up to Margret Cochrane.  It would appear that the LNP are standing 2 teams wanting Cochrane team to win with preferences from the other team.

Fred Inglis

Wahoo on you Ross...You are a wonderful person who has the knowledge and experience to this job. Division 9 is very lucky to have you and I know you will be a major asset to the Cairns Regional Council. Go show them how it is suppose to be done...We need more people like you in there :-

Rina Bernabei-Dolan

The very best of luck Ross. You were certainly there when I needed your assistance when living at Holloways Beach. With your help we halted an unnecessary expense for ratepayers. Go Ross. Go Ross. Go Ross!!!!!

Judy Nelson