Monday 30 January 2012

Cairns City Forum | Question the CRC Candidates

A concerned group of citizens of Cairns have gathered to organise 3 public forums to take place in City Place, Lake Street, where the candidates in the upcoming local elections will be available to whomever wants to ask questions and become more informed about their choices.

This is not a debate - this is a chance for each candidate to state their policies, and for the public to learn what and who they are voting for, and to interact with their representatives in a manner that is not normally provided. In this open and democratic space, democracy will take place.

The first of the 3 forums will commence at 2:30pm on Sunday, February 5th. All 3 forums will be mediated by Toastmasters International and are sponsored and supported by Events NQ, and funded by local individuals and businesses.

So come along, get involved! Get to know the people whose names will be on that ballot sheet when you go into that booth in weeks to come. This is democracy in action.

Forums 2 and 3 of 3 will be held in April. For more information, please visit

Thanks! See you on Sunday!

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    1. Don't you think, in light of the fact that the State election has been called for Feb and the Council Election has now been pushed back till April that it would be better to hold these at a later date???? Boss Hog

    2. Well, if your poll Parisi is any guide, then I won't have any worries about my Councillor in Division 6 being returned! Fingers crossed, the lovely Val will also be returned.

    3. Div 5,4,6,&8 but what about Div 1, 2,3,9,10. or don't they matter in your polls??? Boss Hog!

      1. Boss Hog says that in Div. 10 at this stage there is only one candidate so there is no point in haveing a poll. Div. 1 and 3 will be put on to night. In Division 2 and 9 the polls have been open for a while. Thank you for your active interest. Tell your friends to log on and cast their votes as well.Cheers

    4. The Unity Team haven't started their media blitzkrieg yet. Will be a different result after that, I reckon. These polls are way too premature mate.

    5. Curly Joe...well said...I will be keeping the polls open so we can all guage the differing trends. Thanks for taking the time to interact. Look forward to your continuing involvement....cheers.

    6. Neil, you like home recking cougars with no morals or ethics working for their own profit, only running again because in so much debt and want off the chart ridiculous income to cover new lifestyle, and not working not for your division... go for it, you 17 years oldish hopin to score? ... bit hard up? Yeah she's probably good for it! even hits on gay couples partners! screams like a banchy in the middle of the street....... classy.. yeah fake grass good call, she was the one peeing in the medium strip killin the grass! nice

    7. Anonymous above, I will ignore your slanderous, poisonous diatribe.


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