Thursday 26 January 2012

Unity names its team members for CRC election

Poll switch causes big headache for councils


 Show of unity: Bob Manning with candidates (from left), Terry James, Greg Fennell, Susan Rees, John Schilling, Richie Bates, Ian Hodge, Max O’halloran and Sue Bertuch.

Councils face a logistical nightmare and a race against time after Premier Anna Bligh delayed the local government elections to clear the calendar for her own poll.  Council elections were due on March 31, but Ms Bligh announced yesterday they would be postponed until April 28 so voters didn’t have to go to the ballot box on two consecutive weekends.

Cairns Mayor Val Schier said the change meant the incoming council would have less than two months before handing down its first Budget at the end of June.  “It’s extremely disappointing that the local government elections have been pushed aside by the state, and I think most residents were expecting us to go on the 31st of March,” she said.  “It means that a brand new council will have very little input into its first Budget.”

The last-minute shake-up came as the new Unity team was unveiled in Cairns yesterday, with surprise inclusions to the previously conservative-leaning brand.  Unionist and Labor Party man, Richie Bates, has shed his allegiance to Cr Schier and joined the Unity team, which is running as an “apolitical” group.  “I’m a team player and I believe in a diverse group of people working together,” he said.  “And I think Bob ( Manning, Unity’s mayoral candidate) has got the kind of leadership to bring those people together.”
Mr Manning defended the team’s claims of political independence.  He said any tie to political parties was the “personal business” of candidates. 

Ian Thomas, who is also running to be mayor of Cairns, said the prolonged campaign was likely to weary voters and candidates.

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  1. And a nice piece of political chicanery by Manning in seducing Richie Bates into a conservative leaning team thus enabling him to call it an "apolitical" team. Yes, I recognise a name there straight from the Bjelke-Petersen era. Oh memories, memories. Overall, it isn't what I would expect of a Byrne picked team. Methinks Byrne doesn't want too many really smart people in Cairns Unity who just might be able to think for themselves instead of doing what they are told to do, because Byrne has PLANS!!

    1. As I know one of those on the Unity 2012 team I know fi and I ask for you to first find out the truth befor opening up and spreading such dribble!rst hand that Kevin Byrne did not do the choosing, and for everyone's information each candidate has to front up with a considerable amount of cash to run the campaign. This person has been a teacher, run a business inboth Victoria and Cairns, is a Public servant, mum, Grandmother, friend and hard worker. For you to say that She was chosen by Kevin is an untruth

  2. Since Master Bates is still using the term 'Komrades' when will we see Mr tried to be federal LNP rep, then state LNP rep, now going for local Council Bob Manning using the far left lingo. ShOck horror what would Bobs sister Wendy Richardson say to his new red coat.

  3. Ross, Are you going to run a snap poll for each of the Divisions or only those you feel are important???

    1. @ is my intention to do one for all the Divisions where there are more than one announced candidate. Do you have a preferred one that I should do next?

  4. Hi Ross, Will you really represent the people of your electorate or will you just be a yes man for the developers who want to destroy their environment?

  5. Good evening Rus. Am pleased that you read my Blog and follow up with a comment. Please continue to come forward with your observations.

    Rus, when Mulgrave Shire Council ( MSC ) was forcibly amalgamated with Cairns City Council we had in our cash reserves and developers contribution trust account $57 million.In my days at the MSC no one got a free lunch and for all intents and purposes MSC always striked the right balance.

    Unlike the CRC of today that gives a free lunch to developers, if elected I will be voting against any discount on developer's contributions as effectively this is ratepayers money that the community can ill afford to give away recklessly.


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