Saturday 2 June 2012

Australian Labor Party the king of taxes?

The ALP do a better job in introducing new redistribution taxes. The GST was a tax based across the consumer spectrum. Keating ( my favourite Prime Minister ) wanted to do it but Hawke rolled him on that.

Rudd wanted to introduce a carbon trading scheme, ( merchant bankers like Turnbull loved it because his mates would reap the whirlwind by handing most of the proceeds and paperwork ) but didn' t have the 'guts' to do it.

Meanwhile 'read my lips' Gilliard trumped them all with a Labor 'its in our DNA' redistribution nothing to do with global warming Tax'. Will 'working families ' get a handout next budget' So the tax will remain for evermore but not the handout.

Interesting that in In Thailand the Prime Minister handed out a mobile phone to each elector to get re elected. Gillard handed out dollars. Not quite the same as Thailand Prime Minister's mobile manufacturing entity, handed out the mobile phones, whereas in Australia Treasury authorised by Government legislation, therefore all legit, handed out dollars.

A new Tax is introduced every 10 years or so, this year we had two. I do not think the ALP will have the courage to introduce another tax between now and its fatal election.

I wonder what the next tax will be called when the ALP rises again? Then again it might have to be the Coalition as it tries to pay back the 'Labor's $100 billion debt.'

Perhaps I should launch a competition on its 

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