Friday 29 June 2012

Gillard outscources the Aslyum impasse

Politicians of all sides must be left room to move, to save face, to eat humble pie. For the life of me I still fail to understand how a supposed 'libertarian' Government can look its fellow politicians and supporters in the eye and say lets send them to Malaysia, a country with a questionable human rights record, as a deterrent. I find this action as symptomatic of the reasons why the Gillard Government is so lost in the eyes of the electorate.

Why is there a need to process them off score...why can't they be processed on shore? Fraser and Hawke had no problem with accommodating the Vietnamese and Chinese respectively. Why does Gillard have such a problem to do like wise, especially with asylum seeker that stem from the ravages of wars, wars that have been supported and fought by the Gillard Government.

Gillard is desperately trying to bridge the political and humanitarian impasse. I believe Gillard has set up the latest Refuge Panel with the hope that it will recommend that Gillard abandons the Malaysian solution, thereby building a pontoon for Gillard to escape from her embarrassing non tenable position.

As far as Gillard is concerned she is in a no win situation, a situation that is of her making. If Gillard somehow manages to tag along the coat tails of the anticipated recommendations of the Panel, that is to abandon Malaysia as a asylum solution, Gillard will be then be seen by the electorate as lacking political judgement in the first place. Bottom line Abbott wins again. Some say to smart for Gillard.
Ross Parisi.

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