Thursday, 4 August 2011

Labor is catcus | Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt
Thursday, August 04, 2011 at 05:50am

Galaxy confirms the other poll results - Labor is cactus and Julia Gillard can’t sell this tax even with a taxpayer-funded campaign:
SUPPORT for federal Labor has collapsed in metropolitan Sydney and is so low in Queensland that former prime minister Kevin Rudd would be the only government MP to hold his seat in the state if elections had been held last weekend.
The large survey also confirms the Government’s illegitimacy problem:
...67 per cent of voters believed the Prime Minister should wait to introduce the tax until after an election.
It exposes the ”I’m not stupid” problem:
Galaxy said while more voters were claiming they better understood the tax and options were becoming more deeply entrenched “this is not translating into increased support”.
It exposes as false the Labor hope that the NSW state election would drain the anti-Labor bile:
Labor’s primary vote has collapsed to just 29 per cent in the Sydney metropolitan area ...
And scepticism about the whole reason for this tax is growing:
While the number of people who thought man’s emissions were to blame for global warming stayed the same between the April poll and the latest survey at 36 per cent, the number of people who thought global warming was part of the natural cycle of nature rose in the latest survey to 32 per cent from 26 per cent.
MALCOLM TURNBULL has hit back at critics within the right wing of the Liberal Party, saying his popularity with Labor voters is a strength because it means he can lure votes to the Coalition that others cannot.
Is Turnbull claiming that he’d have achieved even better than this 56 to 44 result? Let’s consult his actual performance when tested:
Before Tony Abbott replaces Malcolm Turnbull
Two-party elected preferred:

* Roy Morgan (November 28-29, 2009): Coalition - 41.5%, ALP - 58.5%
* Newspoll (November 27-29, 2009): Coalition - 43%, ALP - 57%
* Nielsen (November 27-28, 2009): Coalition - 44%, ALP - 56%
* Galaxy (June 26-28, 2009): Coalition - 44%, ALP - 56%
* Essential Media (November 29, 2009): Coalition - 42%, ALP - 58%

My View

The Gillard minority government has just spent $25 million of public funds on the virtues of the carbon tax and yet the polls are heading south. What are your views as to why this is happening and should Gillard go in view of her inability to convince voters?

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