Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cochrane | Blake support the Cultural Precinct before 'flip flopping'


In politics like in most other matters, the truth always comes out sometimes with embarrassing consequences, moreso when transcripts are kept of procedural matters and then are made public.

Below is the Council resolution relating to the go ahead on the Cultural Precinct plan and the authority given to the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer to proceed with the Heads of Agreement .

What is interesting to note is that the motion dated 11th December 2008 was moved and seconded respectively by Cr Blake and Cr Cochrane and carried unanimously by all Councillors present.

However, with the fast approaching 2012 local government election, Councillors are shoring up their discredited personal political positions. Cr Cochrane, recent announcement of her intention to nominate for the position of Mayor has resulted in what is termed in political talk as a 'flip flop'. That is, from being the sponsor of the below motion Cr Cochrane is now actively acting against it. She is using this issue as a tool to differentiate and distance herself from the Mayor Val Schier.

The people of Cairns need to see her latest position as nothing more than an act of political bastardary on the part of Cr Cochrane and her fellow travellers. She is prepared to play politics at the expense of the best interest of the City and the well being of its residents.

Cr Cochrane's action has put into jeopardy the proposed State/Federal government's contribution of $100 million. She knows that without this contribution the project cannot go ahead. Sadly, Cr Cochrane and her adherants are prepared to risk all for their short term political gain.  

Cr Cochrane's actions are in direct contradiction to her Oath of Office she recited when she was sworn in as a Councillor in March 2008.

Ross Parisi
24th November 2011

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  1. I have found that there has been a significant "turning of the corner" in the community mindset regarding the Cairns Entertainment Precinct, probably due to the recent public stance by Cairns businesses and academics in placing a full page advertisement noting their support in "The Cairns Post". Despite the concerted effort by a few people to trivialise and ridicule the idea of developing a cultural and convention tourist product, more people are now talking about the benefits such products will do to revitalise the sagging tourist industry.

  2. It has been a shocking experience to see what certain individuals in Cairns will do for personal or political gain. Firstly the Entertainment Precinct was mocked and ridiculed by Mackenzie and King, in order to personally demonise the Mayor, Val Schier. Mackenzie and King ruthlessly exploited the unsophisticated members of the community in their demonisation strategy. Now we have certain Councillors using the Entertainment Precinct as a divisive issue to further their own self-interests, ie getting re-elected. At stake of course is the future of the tourist industry and the jobs and income of so many Cairns and regional peoples.


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