Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nice plan but we want see the colour of the money...Anna!

State Government's four-year plan to help Far North's economy

Daniel Strudwick
Saturday, November 5, 2011
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The Far North's marine, aviation and agriculture industries will be given a boost over the next four years as part of a State Government strategy to build on strong local sectors.

Premier Anna Bligh will today release a draft economic plan outlining how her Government will try to pull the Far North from the economic doldrums that have lingered since the global financial crisis. In November 2009, the Government responded to the region’s crippled economy with a $116 million two-year rescue plan aimed at reviving employment and delivering new infrastructure. But with the region’s economy still languishing, Ms Bligh said the Government would renew the scheme for another four years. "Cairns has enormous potential for growth and we want to ensure that we are building a strong economy for the region through investment, industries and infrastructure," Ms Bligh said.

The Premier pointed to positive outcomes from the Cairns Economic Future Plan but said the local economy was still hurting."We have seen the unemployment rate declining since mid-2010, employment numbers reach 135,500, more than 21,000 room night visitors and 566,000 new air service seats."But we know the job is not done yet."

The new Cairns Economic Future Plan 2011-2015 aims to refresh the Far North’s tourism products by growing the fledgling events and sports tourism markets. It also would try to boost the region’s marine services capability and attract investment from aviation businesses.

Also under the banner of building on strong local industries, the plan aims to improve the region’s ability to supply food to new markets such as Papua New Guinea. The Government said it would try to strengthen the work achieved by the last Economic Future Plan by speeding up the delivery of tropical expertise products to the market and capitalising on opportunities in the defence supply chain.

Three projects have been fast-tracked under the new plan, including a scheme to grow education exports. The draft Cairns Economic Future Plan is online for community consultation. Visit to see the plan. Provide feedback to or 4048 1122.

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