Monday, 21 November 2011

Peter Roebuck's double life cost him his life

Semen from sheet to be tested for Peter Roebuck's DNA
Peter Roebuck
AN inquest into Peter Roebuck's suicide has taken a twist with forensic experts to determine whether semen samples taken from a bedsheet match the DNA of the acclaimed cricket journalist.

The development came as Itai Gondo, the Zimbabwean man who lodged a sexual-assault complaint against Roebuck, spoke out again yesterday to provide more detailed accounts of his dealings with the journalist.

In one chilling revelation, Gondo accused Roebuck of playing mind games to trick him into stripping, claiming the journalist described it as "peeling off the layers to get to the real me". Gondo was taken to a Cape Town hospital by South African police following Roebuck's death to provide DNA and blood samples to a state pathologist. As part of a probe into the circumstances surrounding Roebuck's death, it is alleged that his semen spilled on to a bedspread as Roebuck attempted to have sex with the 26-year-old IT student.

Gondo, who wanted to take his own life following the alleged incident, said Roebuck has robbed him of his day in court. "The more I thought through it, I realised I wanted my day in court so I could move on," he said."I kept thinking if I keep quiet what if he does the same thing to another guy?"Then I'm going to regret it knowing that I could have stopped this person in his tracks."I was feeling suicidal. I was hiding out in my room. I couldn't eat and was having nightmares."In desperation I messaged a very good friend in New York who is like a big brother and told him what had happened."I told him I feel violated as a man . . . that I was shocked I couldn't fight him off and it makes me feel like a sissy and a pushover."This man took advantage of me."He preyed on the fact that I was reaching out to him and trusted him and he did this to me." Gondo, who met Roebuck via Facebook, shut down his account on the social network following the journalist's death.

South African newspaper said Gondo reactivated his account briefly to show its reporter his final Facebook message on November 12, the day Roebuck plunged six storeys to his death. The private message to Roebuck read: "It's funny how you ask me how I am doing as if what you did to me you find that justifiable? "So that was your intention all along? To lure me and pretend you were interested in forming some father-like relationship, yet your intention was to do the sick, pervert disgusting thing you did to me? "Well Mr Roebuck, you can stuff whatever form of support you blatantly faked to be interested in.

You have greatly humiliated me and I feel very violated, disgusted with myself, your acts were of the purest, sickest kind."It makes sense why you pretend to help out orphans, whilst you prey on their financial difficulty for your perverted satisfaction. "I shudder to even think what sick sex-related things you're doing to those 17 boys staying with you! "I don't need your assistance, I don't shake hands with the devil, don't bother replying for I will block you after this message. "One day the long arm of the law will catch up with your evil misdeeds, rest assured, then all the money in the world won't save you."Goodbye, Mr Molester and good riddance.

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  1. Pretending to be helpful to orphans whilst while becoming prey of their finances is disgusting.

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