Monday, 21 November 2011

Queensland ALP set for an electoral hiding

Anna Bligh says latest poll results show she is underdog, Campbell Newman and LNP favourite to win government

Anna Bligh - South Bank Nov 20
Premier Anna Bligh has seized on today's poll results to claim underdog status for Labor heading into the looming State election.

Using words reminiscent of her rousing speeches during the floods and cyclones that struck last summer, Ms Bligh said she was a fighter. ``I think Queenslander's know about me. I don't walk away from a fight and Queensland is worth fighting for,'' the Premier said.``There's a number of months between now and the next election and I intend to be working hard for every single vote right up until polling day.''

According to an exclusive Galaxy poll conducted for The Sunday Mail and The Courier-Mail, the ALP is trailing the LNP 38 to 62 on a two-party preferred basis and is poised for massive losses at the looming State election.

His satisfaction rate dropped from 55 per cent in August to 47 per cent this month.
Ms Bligh said this was proof that as the public got to know Mr Newman, they did not like what they were seeing.``There are a number of months between now and the next election and we will be making sure that people understand that Campbell Newman is a risk for our State. The more people get to see Campbell Newman in action, the more questions they have and you see that confirmed today.''

Mr Newman, however, said he too believed the next election would be tough and urged people to just vote LNP.``I think this is going to be a very tough election, much tougher than those polls suggest because the only way that we will get change in the State parliament, if people want to get rid of Anna Bligh, then they are going to have to vote LNP in the local electorate they reside,'' he said.

Mr Newman dismissed Ms Bligh' criticisms as just another 'Labor line'. He called on the Premier to call an election soon and urged voters not to look to the minor parties. ``People seem to think that they might be able to vote for independents or minor parties which means that Anna Bligh will get back in or we will have a hung parliament like Canberra,'' Mr Newman said. ``I don't want to see the terrible disaster we have federally in Brisbane and in Queensland.''

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