Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bligh sets Qld election date

Updated January 25, 2012 10:08:51
Ms Bligh has received legal advice on moving the date of the local government elections - paving the way for a state poll to be held in late March. 
Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says the state will go to the polls on March 24.

Ms Bligh has received legal advice on moving the local government elections - scheduled for March 31.

The move follows the Flood Inquiry's request for more public hearings and an extension of the deadline for its final report. That paves the way for a state poll to be held in late March.

There was speculation of a state poll on February 25 - a day after the report had been due.
Ms Bligh has indicated she wants Queenslanders to consider the report before voting.

The Opposition Leader Jeff Seeney says election dates should not be linked to the report.
"By trying to drag the independent Commission of Inquiry into the debate about the election date the Premier is seeking to politicise the work of that inquiry," Mr Seeney said.

The Inquiry will hold six extra hearings to review evidence about the operation of Wivenhoe Dam.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Piassava says the move raises doubts about the Inquiry process"If they are not certain about their investigation and they are going back to the drawing board then it does put a shadow over the whole investigation," Councillor Piassava said.

Somerset Mayor Graeme Leeman says the delay will extend flood victims' pain. "Some people out there are hurting and working through issues,' he said. "I think this will bring it all up fresh again."You'd wonder how this evidence could come out after an extensive report like we had."
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My Opinion

What a political hole Ann Bligh has dug for hereself! All this because there is no set date for state election, like there is in NSW and Victoria. I thought Beattie labeled us the 'smart state'.

Never in the history of Government has the Qld State Government changed the date of the Local Government election.

Since I can remember the date of the Council elections has always been set for the last Saturday in March.

In these desperate financial times, why couldn't both elections have been held on the same date ie 31st of March. 

Anna Bligh should never under estimate the ability of the electors to discern between the two.

From all indications the electorate's mind has been made up. All that is needed now is for the verdict to be delivered.

Ross Parisi

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