Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bob Manning pledges to rebuild the Cairns economy

Bob Manning joins the race to be Cairns mayor

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
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Economy focus: Bob Manning is in the race to become the mayor of Cairns.

The worst-kept secret in local politics was officially let out of the bag today, when the re-formed Unity team announced Bob Manning as its candidate for the mayor of Cairns.

Mr Manning announced he is running under a campaign to restore the economy, but he is remaining tight-lipped about his team's policies until closer to the election, due on March 31.

"Our focus will be doing that which serves the economy and gets the economy going," he said, adding Cairns Airport, Ports North, Cairns Base Hospital, James Cook University and the defence force will be included in his policies.
"We have developed policies that deal with what we think are the main economic drivers." 

The team had tried to keep details of its line-up under wraps, but speculation about Mr Manning's tilt at the top job has been building since November.

Far Northern aviation stalwart Bob Norman and former mayor Kevin Byrne were also believed to be in talks to run as Unity's leader when work started on resurrecting the group last year.

The Unity brand was dumped by voters at the 2008 council election, with Mr Byrne beaten by Val Schier, and only one candidate, Linda Cooper, earning a place on the council.

The team officially named its mayoral candidate at a press conference this morning, but won't reveal its policies or a full line-up of candidates until closer to the local government election, due on March 31.

Although voters won’t go to the ballot box for another two months, council hopefuls are already campaigning in earnest.

Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane unveiled her team of candidates last week and Mayor Val Schier will host a campaign launch tomorrow.
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Tarina White
Thursday, January 19, 2012
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  1. During a radio interview, Manning refused to renounce the Entertainment Precinct outright. The only one committed to killing this thing is Ian Thomas. And Manning just looks like a Kevin Byrne clone. Sorry, not interested.

  2. Its all well and good but what about a policy focused on helping all the Tourism operaters in Cairns and promoting us ( Cairns) as 'the doorway' to the Great Barrier Reef, not just focusing on the Airport and Ports etc.

    To keep Policies until closer to time to me sounds as if they dont truly have any yet. In my opinion if other Candidates should let voters have enough time to decide on what Policies they will vote let voters have a short time to decide doesnt allow voters to truly make an informed decision. (thats my opinion anyway).

    So sorry wont have my vote.

  3. Sorry I meant to say if some Candidates reveal their Policies to give voters a better opputinity to make an informed decision than All other Candidates who haven't done so should do the same....after all the Voters are the People who decide who they want as Mayor for Cairns.


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