Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Cr Nancy Lanksey cuts and runs. Will Bonneau and Blake be next?

                                                        MEDIA RELEASE
            Nancy announces decision not to run again.

The announcement by Cr Nancy Lanskey indicating that she will not run for re-election in the Council elections in March this year has been met by shock.

Leigh Dall’Osto, Candidate for Division 2, said that Nancy would have been difficult to beat as she had done many things right in her term on Council.

Nancy was involved in getting many of the existing parks in this area re-furbished and she attended meetings of all sectors in the community so that she could stay abreast of any potential concerns. She also worked very hard on plans for the Edmonton Town Centre.” Mrs Dall’Osto said.

“She is a genuine person who initially made the decision to run for Council for all the right reasons. I trust that she has made this decision for reasons that are right for her and her family as well.”

“Division 2 is one of the fastest growing areas in North Queensland and requires a representative who will give the community the attention and time it needs. That person also has to have the ability to work with the rest of Council to get better outcomes for the entire region.”

“Consultation and collaboration are extremely important facets of the job. The ability to work well with other tiers of Government is also important as there are many areas within the region where sectors of Government overlap.”

“I wish Nancy all the very best in her future endeavours.”


Leigh Dall’Osto can be contacted on 0435 450 783 or via e-mail

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  1. Bonneau is a slippery character who is I believe the longest serving Councillor on the current CRC. He has dodged all sorts of scandals, takes leave from the Council when he wants it, rarely ever puts his head up, slips across Divisions when the electors wake up to the fact he isn't around much, and still keeps on getting re-elected. My bet is he will be back in the Council after the 2012 Election.

  2. Unfortunately, I second the above. Bonneau is cunning enough to find all the cracks and slip right through them. He's another one who makes himself as small a target as possible and doesn't bother publicly communicating Council decisions. He's an inept performer but I think he is likely to be re-elected, probably on a Cairns Unity ticket.


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