Thursday 28 July 2011

Alan Jones tells activist group GetUp to 'get stuffed' over complaints to broadcast watchdog

Alan Jones
Radio personality Alan Jones Picture: Anthony Reginato Source: News Limited

Talkback radio host Alan Jones has told political group GetUp to "get stuffed" as it pursues a complaint against him with the broadcasting watchdog.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has been asked to investigate comments about man-made carbon dioxide that Mr Jones allegedly made in March while broadcasting his popular morning program on Sydney's 2GB station.

GetUp said it complained to ACMA because Mr Jones said human beings produce 0.001 per cent of carbon dioxide in the air.

Mr Jones today denied ever having made the comment and said the complaint was politically motivated. "I never said that at all," he told AAP.

GetUp called for Mr Jones to issue an on-air correction of the alleged statement. "We'd certainly like to see Mr Jones correct this incorrect statement," spokesman Paul Mackay said.Mr Jones responded: "Tell them to get stuffed. "Who are Getup? What credibility do these people have? Nil. "Other than they've backed the Labor Party."

Asked what his reaction would be if ACMA found in GetUp's favour and demanded he made an on-air correction, Mr Jones replied: "Good luck, we don't frighten easily.

"This is intimidatory stuff that's being practised everywhere because they're backed into a corner." Mr Mackay said GetUp was happy ACMA had taken up the issue.

"Very, very much so. It's good ACMA's acting in this way and so they should," he added.

"We're after fair reporting in any instance. This is why ACMA was created, to make sure these sorts of misstatements aren't broadcast or if they are, people have to make an apology or stand by them."

ACMA confirmed it had launched an investigation regarding Mr Jones but would not disclose any of the terms of reference, details of the complaint or who filed it.

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