Sunday 31 July 2011

Anna Bligh publicly says she is safe but Fraser is busily shoring up his numbers..

Queensland premier Anna Bligh says she is confident in her party's support

QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh says she's not worried she'll meet the same fate as South Australia's Mike Rann.

Mr Rann has reportedly been told by the Labor Party's factional bosses they want him to step down after nine years as premier.

South Australian Education Minister Jay Weatherill is shaping up as the leading contender to take over the top job.

Ms Bligh said she understood it was not an easy time for her interstate colleague and friend, but it was up to his party to make its decision.

"Mike has been a very substantial figure on the national stage for a long time and I certainly hope that he is treated with the dignity that he deserves," she said.

But Ms Bligh said she wasn't worried she'd meet a similar fate, despite falls in popularity with voters.
"The leadership of Queensland will be determined by the people of Queensland in an election in 2012," she said.

My View

Unlike the Liberal Party, the ALP faction leaders pull no punches and deliver their verdicts  in cold ruthless manoeuvres that leave the vanquished shattered and the electors angry. The latest recipient of such treachery was the Premier of South Australia, Mr Rann.

I am wondering if the next leader to meet such fate is the Premier of Queensland, Ms Anna Bligh. It is common knowledge that three months ago she was given six months to turn the opinion polls around. Falling any significant improvement  in the polls she has undertaken to resign in favour of the Queensland Treasurer, Mr Andrew Fraser. Politically, Fraser is dead weight and is unelectable and lacks any charisma.

I note the extra exposure given to Fraser of late on issues outside his portfolio. This is taken place as per a plan designed by QLD ALP insiders. Polling will take place towards the end of September to gauge any political traction by Fraser. If the polls indicate a continuation of the slide in Bligh's support and a positive poll for Fraser, Bligh will be given the opportunity/ultimatum to resign with dignity.

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