Saturday 13 August 2011

Opportunity for 'Can Do Campbell' to rid himself of 'lead in his saddles'

Freebody stands aside over JFK email

 Author | Source |  The Weekend Post  | August 13th 2011

Liberal National Party candidate for Cairns Paul Freebody has stepped aside as his party investigates an email saying he hopes Prime Minister Julia Gillard “follows the history” of assassinated US President John F Kennedy.

LNP state director Michael O’Dwyer last night confirmed Mr Freebody had voluntarily stepped aside while the party investigates the email.

Mr Freebody denied writing the reference to President Kennedy, who was assassinated in 1963, and claimed the email, which has been circulating in the Far North, had been doctored.

“I see Gillard and Brown as the most evil people we have ever had in power in our country,” the email states.  “We can only hope that she follows the history of JFK.”

Mr Freebody said the email mentioned KMR, apparently a reference to Kevin Rudd and not to JFK.

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 My View

An opportunity for 'Can Do' Campbell to rid himself of 'lead in his saddles' has timely been presented to Newman and the LNP.

He must act to jettison a bad political choice. There are a number of well respected Cairns local identities that could fit the bill with creditability and do the LNP proud.

The LNP has a once in a life time chance to win the seat of Cairns. Cairns has been held by the ALP ever since its creation but is ready for the picking. With changing demographics and the retirement of popular Desley Boyle, the seat is winnable for the LNP.

Freebody, has a reputation of erratic political and civic behaviour. His intemperate bullying rants on the John McKenzie talk back programme in 2010, when he labled the women on the Cairns Regional Council as 'witches and bitches' is not acceptable in any discourse.

If the LNP's investigation into the latest allegations proves conclusive; that he did circulate the LNP membership with the purpoted email, then his endorsement must be withdrawn forthwith.

A person of such propensity is dangerous and should not be given the privileged to even stand, let alone have the chance to win the seat of Cairns.

Campbell Newman's leadership credentials are in sharp focus with this issue. He must act decisively to rid the LNP of any association with Paul Freebody.

Ross Parisi

Up Date

Campbell Newman did show leadership in the above issue....without much fan fare and to the delight of the Cairns' residents Freebody endorsement was revoked and further more his membership ol LNP was cancelled.

The opportunity now exist for a candidate with integrity, community involvement and gravitas to come forward and be endorsed for the seat of Cairns. 

Ross Parisi
21st August 2011


  1. Ross, the seat of Cairns has never been held by the ALP since its creation. Twice since the seat was created there have been two Independents.

  2. Gosh my grammar is bad above. Since the seat of Cairns was created, there have been two Independents elected who served one term each.

  3. Freebody's assertion that he wrote in his email KMR as opposed to what is reported that is JFK is just not plausible. Freebody's scholastic skills would not provide for him to know Rudd middle name, furthermore there is a huge difference between JFK and KMR. The spin from the LNP does not wash with me.


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