Friday 26 August 2011

Labor needs a new leader to restore order on this rabble

Friday, August 26, 2011 at 10:28am
Today is a turning point in the Thomson affair. An argument about what one MP allegedly did with his work credit card is now about a rottenness at the heart of Labor.

We’ve already seen the Gillard Government covering up for Thomson and Labor giving him $90,000. Was that an inducement to an MP? A payment to buy his slience?

Today, though, it gets a whole lot worse.

We have a report that the Labor/union factions headed by Bill Shorten and Steve Conroy, both senior ministers, are threatening to punish the Health Services Union for reporting the allegations against Craig Thomson to the police. This, if true, strikes me as an attempt to subvert justice. It stinks of a cover up. I do not say that Shorten and Conroy authorised this threatened pay-back, but they must now publicly repudiate it.

And overnight a dirt-covered shovel is left outside the door of HSU secretary Kathy Jackson, who was home alone.

What we are witnessing is more like scenes from a mafia vendetta, not the processes of a responsible government.

The Gillard Government is completely out of control. Gillard must resign to let a strong and capable leader take her place and restore order.


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