Thursday 13 October 2011

Cr. Alan Blake finds himself again in controversy

CMC probes claims against Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake

Daniel Strudwick
Thursday, October 13, 2011
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THE Crime and Misconduct Commission has confirmed it is dealing with allegations against Cairns councillor Alan Blake, who is accused of voting on council matters without declaring his financial interest.

It is the second misconduct complaint made against Cairns Regional Council members this year, with the state’s watchdog now in the final stages of a similar case involving northern beaches councillor Sno Bonneau.

While the unionists who raised the alarm over Cr Blake’s dealings insisted they were acting in the public interest, the councillor said he was the victim a politically-motivated campaign."This vexatious complaint is driven by Val’s failed Cairns First teammates," Cr Blake said, referring to Mayor Val Schier’s ticket at the last election."Because I distaste her politics and her approach to running this city, I have been subjected to yet another vexatious attempt to bring me down at the ratepayers’ expense."

The complaint was lodged with the council by resident and Transport Workers Union negotiator Janine Aitken, who unsuccessfully ran in the last council election. She urged the council chief executive, Lyn Russell, to forward the matter to the CMC because Cr Blake had apparently failed to declare a financial interest in at least 14 votes that had gone before the council since 2008.

Ms Aitken claimed Cr Blake had repeatedly cast his vote in favour of company directors and property developers who donated thousands of dollars to his 2008 election campaign. The CMC confirmed it had received the matter and was assessing what action would be taken. Ms Aitken, who was helped to gather information by Electrical Trades Union organiser Stuart Traill, dismissed claims that her complaint against Cr Blake was just political mudslinging.

"Yes, he has been named, but we didn’t set out to wage war on him or anything like that," Ms Aitken said. "We were looking at totally different developments when the Alan Blake ones came up. "The fact is that there is this conflict of interest and I want an explanation."

Cr Blake said the votes identified in Ms Aitken’s complaint had occurred during a "grey period" when the Local Government Act changed the way councillors declared their interests. He said Cairns Regional councillors were confused about their obligations to declare financial interests in the chamber because they hadn’t been properly briefed
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Controversy seems to follow Cr. Blake very closely, indeed with every step he takes politically, most of it brought upon himself.One of the main reasons why the Schier council is dysfunctional is the political manoeuvrings of Blake and the declared Mayor candidate Cr Cochrane. These two Councillor in particular, have worked 'hand in glove' to destabilise the Council to the point that it would have to be one of the most dysfunctional Council in Queensland local government history.

Therefore, it does not surprise me that aggrieved citizens have taken the action that they have. What I find strange is that the Cairns Regional Council CEO should have referred the alleged activities to the CMC long before now.

Cr. Blake is not reluctant to play hard ball whenever he feels its appropriate to further his own cause. He currently has defamation action against Michael Moore and Cairns Blog.To complain now about dirty tricks etc is a bit rich in the circumstances.

You reap what you sow Cr. Blake. 

Ross Parisi


  1. Surely it is simple enough! DECLARE ALL YOUR FINANCES AND FINANCIAL INTERESTS. It couldn't get any clearer. How could a person be "confused"???

  2. Brings back the old days when pollies would hide all their real estate and shares in the names of their kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces etc.

  3. Inciteful observation Ross.. the next 6 months or so are certainly lining up to be the most interesting period in State and Local politics for many years !


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