Sunday 23 October 2011

What it means to have Mayoral candidate Cr Cochrane on your side

A planning permit, a litany of broken promises, a derelict building and a community taken for granted. 

While Cairns waits patiently for the much vaunted employment surge caused by the construction of Cairns Adventure Water Park the site continues to be a blot on the landscape. Located adjacent to the Captain Cook Highway it is not a pleasant and inspiring visage to the passing tourist let alone the Marlin Coast residents that travel this road daily.

The above are not the only problems that arise from a litany of broken promises.  The state of the derelict condition of the building located on the site is of greater concern in particular to the school children of Caravonica School, the residents of Smithfield Heights and to the nearby adjoining residents.

The community is constantly reminded by the authorities nonetheless, the Cairns Weather Bureau and the Cairns Post, of the impending more intense than normal monsoonal wet season and the potential extra cyclonic activity. The region is already experiencing the consequences of such increased activity.

The loose iron roof cladding, the general disrepair of the building is a disaster waiting to happen. Mr Paul Freebody has had ownership of the site for in excess of 3 years and no maintenance/removal to the vandalised and graffiti ridden structure has taken place.

I understand that Mr Paul Freebody is having difficulty putting together the finance to make his Water Park happen. The much publicised starting date as reported in the Cairns Post has come and gone.  All the promised jobs have not eventuated. The principal reason for approval has proved to be a false premise.

This does not surprise me due to the fact that the proposed facility is located within the Barron River Delta and bisected by an old river bed. Any Financier would be reluctant to fund a potential non performing loan. While the community might be sympathetic with his bad investment predicament the community nevertheless should not be burden with a derelict site.

Therefore, I find it incredulous that Cairns Regional Council can condone a $ 35 million development approved site to remain a cyclonic borne threat to the surrounding community. What I find more disturbing is that Mr Paul Freebody and his development company are showing contempt for the community by their arrogant demeanour. His action or lack thereof is synonymous with an errant corporate citizen.

My challenge to Mr Paul Freebody is to rectify this situation forthwith and to show the Cairns community that he is indeed interested in the well being of the local community. Perhaps, Mr Paul Freebody could begin to create the promised employment opportunities by hiring unemployed people to clean up the site.

As a resident of the Cairns area for over 50 years and a keen advocate of positive community action, I find it abhorrent that Mr Paul Freebody allows such a situation to exist and continue unattended. Using the excuse that construction work is imminent will not wash with the community. It is unlikely that the project will go ahead and even if it did go ahead it will not happen before this years’ monsoon.

On behalf of the community, I hereby call on Mr Paul Freebody to clean up the site of all loose material that is a potential threat to the well being of the Smithfield Heights residents. Bring back the old Excavator and put it to work. Furthermore, if the site is not remedied satisfactorily by the end of November then Cairns Regional Council serve Mr Paul Freebody with the appropriate notice/s to make the site safe from potential aerial debris.

The Cairns Regional Council representative for Division 8 is Cr M. Cochrane. It is imperative of her to take a personal interest in this matter until it is satisfactorily resolved. The time has come for action, not more promises.

Ross Parisi
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Paul Freebody, this is a montage of disgrace. Your rants of victinisation are a veil for your lack of respect for the community you were prepared to represent. My suggestion to you is that you put your own house in order before you want others to do the same and treat you with respect. Now go too it and clean up this mess!

These photos show you the internal perspective of Freebody's building of shame. Alcoholic containers, bongs and herion shooting aides are shrewing all over the ground.  
Cr Cochrane this is in the heart of your electorate and you seem to close your eyes to it while the children you represent are up to no good. Are you waiting for a fatality to occur before you choose to intervene and have the Council you control take action?  


  1. Cr M. Cochrane is on the board of the water park. shes a bitch she wont do anything. this evil creature needs to be stopped

  2. Ross, happy to get involved as a candidate in the 2012 elections for Div 8. Keep me in the loop please!

  3. All those sheets of corrugatged iron waiting to be hurled through the air....


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