Tuesday, 12 July 2011

News Fash - Latest Newspoll shows Labor support collapsing

Labor's support has slumped to a record low, with the Coalition at an all-time high as Tony Abbott extends his lead as preferred prime minister over Julia Gillard.

In the two-week lead-up to Sunday's release of the full details of the government's carbon tax package, Labor's primary vote fell three percentage points to a record low of 27 per cent.

Support for the Coalition rose three percentage points to 49 per cent its highest primary votes since October 2001.

Based on preference flows at the 2010 election, the Coalition leads Labor 58 per cent to 42 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

Full details of the Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian last weekend, will be published in the newspaper tomorrow.

Author and source: Dennis Shanahan The Australian July 11th 10.17pm 

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  1. Steve Dagleish wrote on my Facebook wall: Ross, I really don't know who to believe in this carbon tax debate but I do think she performed quite well under pressure on Q&A tonight. What do you think?

    Ross Parisi replied: Steve, I can well understand your dilemma. Sadly, it is widespread. Generally politicians like to be admired by all, so I am sure Julia wants to be liked as well. The issue of global warming is real. What is uncertain though is the percentage of manmade climate change and Australia’s overall impact. On a strict performance point of view on Q&A Julia Gillard performed well. I am unsure though because of her less than candid comment prior to the last election whether Aussies have stopped listening. If this is so then it is bad news not just for her but as a follow through bad for Australia. Abbott is capitalising because of his simple ‘blue collar’ message on the jobs dislocation and the ‘hip pocket’ of average Aussies. Aussie by their very nature are politically dispassionate and forgiving but unless matters are reversed and quickly base ball bats await Julia.
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