Missing teenager Rumali Rusch.There were grave concerns for the young teen, who hadn't been seen since 9am yesterday. The Cairns girl was camping with her father Rene and 18-year-old brother Rizwan at Leichhardt Falls, near Floraville Station, 70 kilometres east of Burketown. It is understood she decided to leave the camp site. Land and air searches ran until nightfall yesterday, but failed to find any trace of Rumali.

Mt Isa Acting Superintendent Paul Biggin confirmed a signal from Rumali's mobile phone was received by a phone tower in Normanton, more than 200 kilometres east of Burketown, but he said police could not pinpoint where the call was made.

"Atmospheric conditions [have prevented us from determining] how far away that call was made from the tower," he said earlier today. "She could be in the bush, she could be at Normanton, she could be on her way to Cairns. We can't rule out anything at this stage." The trio had been camping for the past week in the area, Rumali’s aunt Rosalie Rusch said. "Her father took her camping all the time. It's been something that the family has done over the years quite regularly, but perhaps not such remote camping," she said. "My brother is a real bushie and he has taught his children how to camp and survive in the bush."

Author and source Marissa Calligeros, Brisbane Times 6th July 2011