Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cairns company wins Entertainment Precinct contract

    Author:   Grace Uhr      Thursday  February 23, 2012   © The Cairns Post

On site: Tony Cawte and Richard Field, of Richard Field Constructions, which has just been awarded the first contract for the Cairns Entertainment Precinct. Picture: MIKE WATT

A CAIRNS-based construction company has been awarded the first contract for the Cairns Entertainment Precinct with work to begin within a month.

Richard Field Constructions will begin investigative works on White’s Shed next month with a $351,000 contract that is expected to run for three months and employ 20 people.

Construction manager Richard Field said the work will involve removal of 1500 sq metres of concrete flooring, temporary removal of the timber flooring and examining the structural integrity of the building.

A detailed plan will be drawn up following the work for refurbishment within the requirements of the heritage status of White’s Shed. He said he hoped it would be the first of other successful tenders in relation to the CEP site. "We want to keep working on the site and we’ll be applying for the Tier 1 tender when it comes up," Mr Field said. "We’re very delighted to have secured the work. "This is a big thing for us because it means we go to full employment now, which is great, and we’ll be going from two apprentices to three."

Several councillors have voiced concerns over the potential issue of contaminated soil at the site and have called for further investigations.

Mr Field said he had encountered the issue on other sites, although it was rare. "We’ve done contaminated soil on previous jobs and an engineer does a design solution and a resolution is found," he said.
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