Monday, 27 February 2012

Vote a stay of execution for Julia Gillard, says Tony Abbott

TONY Abbott says Julia Gillard's victory in the Labor leadership battle is a stay of execution, rather than a new start for Labor.
Ms Gillard on Monday won the ballot against Kevin Rudd, 71 votes to 31.
Mr Abbott said there were still 31 members of caucus who did not have confidence in Ms Gillard. "What I think today is likely to be is not so much a new start for 
this prime minister but merely
a stay of execution," he told
 reporters in Canberra.

Mr Abbott said there would still be Labor's carbon tax, "border protection chaos" and not enough focus on the jobs of Australian workers. While Ms Gillard was saying a good government had been dragged down by a wrecker, Mr Abbott said it was more likely people would see a bad government exposed by a whistleblower. 

"The public will not quickly forget Kevin Rudd's critique that this was a government that was run by faceless men," he told journalists in Canberra. "That this is a government which is actually damaging our country and that this is a government led by someone who has fundamentally forfeited the trust of the Australian people."
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  1. So are you running?

  2. I don't know why Tony Abbott is gloating for. I think a lot of us are predicting Malcolm Turnbull will make his run for Leader of the LNP within a few months of the next Federal Election. Abbott should be watching his own back rather than looking at Julia.

    1. Terry, I think you might be right. A bit like Hayden and Hawke in 1983. If he won do you think Turnbull would then become PM?

  3. Unquestionably, Australians would look more favorably at Malcolm Turnbull as an alternate Prime Minister. Abbott is too much of an attack animal. I was also thinking of Malcolm Fraser tossing Billie Snedden during 1975.

  4. Just a thought too, you might like to add a poll on the coming State Election on your blog. That will be interesting!

    1. Terry, I will do that once the nominations close so the list of candidates will be set in stone...Cheers.


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