Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Overkill' of candidate signs in Cairns highlights 'hypocrisy'

Tarina White
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
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Speaking volumes: Several signs for Labor candidate Kirsten Lesina line Sheridan St, which has been labelled “overkill” by LNP Cairns candidate Gavin King. Picture: MARC McCORMACK

CAIRNS Labor candidate Kirsten Lesina has been accused of hypocrisy for her volume of posted campaign signs after calling for a limit to be set during her term on council.

Ms Lesina, the former Division 4 councillor for Cairns Regional Council, put forward a motion last September requesting that a limit of 100 signs per candidate be imposed during a state election campaign.

The proposal was defeated by the majority of her former colleagues on the basis that it would be impractical to monitor and enforce the rule and that it could potentially threaten free speech.

Ms Lesina estimated she had about 110 signs posted throughout the city at any one time, noting that about 70 had been torn down."It just highlights the hypocrisy of it," Katter’s Australian Party Cairns rival Darren Hunt said, adding he has about 150 signs erected across the city.

LNP Cairns candidate Gavin King said many of Ms Lesina’s signs were spaced a short distance apart along Sheridan St. and it was "overkill".

Ms Lesina said she was not breaking any election rules by posting as many signs as she wanted wherever she chose.
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