Monday, 6 February 2012

LNP | No show derided by the public

LNP skips chance to have say at Cairns forum

Daniel Strudwick
Monday, February 6, 2012
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No-show: This group at yesterday’s forum to hear candidates' views show their disappointment at LNP candidate Gavin King's absence. Picture: TOM LEE

Campbell Newman's candidates in the Far North have been criticised for dodging a community public forum to grill state election hopefuls on issues affecting their electorates.

About 100 people attended the question and answer session at City Place yesterday, but only candidates from Labor and the minor parties returned organisers’ invitations.
Those who fronted the forum were given the first public opportunity of the election campaign to field questions from the community – with health, the environment, education and indigenous affairs most hotly debated.

The LNP’s Cairns candidate Gavin King bore most of the flak for his absence although Michael Trout and David Kempton also were absent. Mr King said he was busy door-knocking, running a street stall and spending time with his family yesterday.

Audience members shouted "Where’s Gavin", and unionists in the crowd had repurposed signs from a 2006 campaign by the Electrical Trades Union that criticised Warren Entsch for snubbing an invitation to debate IR reforms at the time.

Mr King also copped a dig from election rival Darren Hunt, who told the crowd: "The three of us who are from here are here to represent the people and the one person who’s not, well enough said."

The LNP’s northern campaign co-ordinator, Dennis Quick, said the party’s candidates weren’t made to attend and could respond to the invitation individually.

Voters in the audience expressed disappointment at the LNP’s absence, given it was a chance to hear about party policy ahead of the March 24 poll. "I don’t know much about the LNP’s policies, because I think we’ve heard far more from Labor and Katter’s party," said a swinging voter from the seat of Mulgrave. "I’d like to hear about how some important health promises are going to be delivered because I’m happy with the services we have but concerned about waiting times."

Other voters in attendance proved the potential impact of Katter’s Australian Party in marginal Far Northern seats, with one saying: "I wouldn’t mind giving my vote to a minor party and I wouldn’t mind being allowed to shoot flying foxes too."

Cairns City Forum organisers will hold two sessions in April for council and mayoral candidates ahead of the local government elections on April 28.

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  1. Ross who are the Cairns City Forum organisers and who do they represent?

  2. I agree with Anonymous as I would only attend, if I had been a Candidate, if it was a riggydig Forum and not a witch hunt by the labor Party and the like!!! Is the Forum for the Council Candidates going to be the same, run by the same people?? If so we may well only see a few so called Independants as the others may just feel like the LNP candidates and doorknocking is the way to go!!!! Food for thought Jennifereckles.

  3. Why can't I put in my vote for the candidate in my Division??? Is this because it is rigged??? I can't even put in a vote for you, Ross!!! Why, Why, Why????? Boss Hog!

    1. Boss Hog...always like answering your queries. Well as far as I know you can vote for the Mayor and for one candidate in all of the Divisions. Am sure you click on the dot and after that light up you then click on Vote. You can also see the latest poll result if you click on 'show result'. Definately not rigged!! I suppose though if you had 10 computers then you could vote 10 times for the same candidate. Mind you this poll is only indicative and I personally am interested in the trends for each candidate. Cheers.


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