Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bye bye Anna Bligh as Labor faces election rout, says Galaxy Pol

IT'S bye bye Anna Bligh. The long campaign and focus on political novice Campbell Newman has spectacularly failed. 

An exclusive Sunday Mail poll, conducted by Galaxy Research, reveals Mr Newman and the Liberal National Party are six days away from taking government in Queensland. The LNP has maintained its 20-point lead over Labor and is on target to win between 65 and 70 seats next Saturday. The Bligh government will be reduced to as few as 12 seats from its current 51.

The poll of 800 voters was conducted on Thursday and Friday nightsANNA Bligh is failing to halt Campbell Newman's seemingly unstoppable march to become Queensland's next premier. 
Voters reacted angrily to the Labor mud-slinging and Ms Bligh's concerted attacks on Mr Newman and his family.Her personal satisfaction rating dropped to an all-time low from 43 per cent to just 36 per cent. 

Those dissatisfied with her performance as premier jumped from 52 per cent to 61 per cent. Mr Newman also increased his lead in the preferred premier stakes. It jumped one point to 51-43 from a Galaxy poll taken just days before the official election campaign kicked off on February 19. "The long campaign for the state election has not enabled the Labor Party to peg back the lead enjoyed by the LNP," Galaxy principal David Briggs said. "After being in government for 20 of the last 22 years, 

Labor has been unable to convince voters that it deserves another term of government."A Galaxy Poll takem betwee February 15-16 had the LNP with a 49-30 lead on primary vote and 60-40 on two-party preferred. Those figures were almost replicated after a month of campaigning across the state. Mr Briggs said that could translate into more than 70 seats for the LNP. Support for the Greens had dropped from 11 per cent in February to just 9 per cent last week. 

The latest Galaxy poll reveals the Labor Party is well and truly on the nose. In November, 52 per cent of voters said they would vote for the ALP. But that figure dropped to 43 per cent last week.Labor's only hope in this campaign had been its popular female leader. But the new figures will disturb ALP strategists who insisted Ms Bligh lead a personal crusade against Mr Newman.
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  1. So Queensland effectively becomes a One Party State with absolutely no opposition. Hmm well most Queenslanders won't have any understanding of the dangers of this so there won't be any backlash from the public, well not for a while anyway. It will be open slather as the white shoe brigade move in and grab what they can.


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