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Why Premier Bligh has lost the trust of Qld electorate

Evidence lacking for Newman probe: Bligh

18:55 AEDT Tue Mar 13 2012

By: Larine Statham

Premier Anna Bligh has admitted she lacks the evidence to refer her rival Campbell Newman to Queensland's corruption watchdog, but she says the Liberal National Party leader still has questions to answer.

Mr Newman used the premier's concession to ridicule her concerted campaign of "spurious" claims against him. "Well, ding dong, ladies and gentlemen, finally she admits it. She's got nothing, she never had anything," he told reporters in Cairns."Let's get on and campaign about what really matters."

Ms Bligh's admission has taken the edge off Labor's relentless attack on what it calls Mr Newman's complex web of dodgy deals. But the premier said on Tuesday her admission wasn't proof she was doing as Mr Newman has claimed - "clinging to smear and innuendo like a drunk clinging to a light pole". "Right now, all I have is questions. I don't have enough answers from Mr Newman or enough material," she told reporters in Caboolture.

Last month, Ms Bligh said she would ask the Crime and Misconduct Commission to investigate the former Brisbane lord mayor over political donations he received before Brisbane City Council approved a controversial development.

On Tuesday she said it was better that Mr Newman publicly answer questions about his conduct, given voters were less than two weeks away from polling day. "Frankly, I don't think Queenslanders need an investigation behind closed doors right now. What they need is Mr Newman to answer the questions," she said.

She rejected suggestions she had not gone to the CMC because she knew it would clear Mr Newman, as it has on two previous occasions.She also denied trying to use the threat of a possible probe as a political tool.

Ms Bligh made another family-friendly policy announcement on Tuesday, offering $27.5 million for four new early learning centres in Townsville, Toowoomba, Whitsunday/Bowen and Gladstone.

The centres will provide child care, education, health and parent support in one location.
But there were no friendly sentiments for the Newman clan.

In July, Ms Bligh guaranteed she would not insult or criticise any member of her rival's family. "Families are precious, and I certainly regard them as off limits," she said, after Mr Newman made a public jibe at her public servant husband.

Asked on Tuesday why it was now okay for Labor to be waging a concerted campaign focused on Mr Newman's wife Lisa and her family, she declined to give a direct answer.
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My opinion

 As a student of Political Science at JCU I find it disturbing when you are confronted with the following scenario.

You wonder why the electorate is cynical of politicians in general and even more so when a premier of all politicians utters the words in the below statement. The integrity of a political person comes more so into sharp focus when under political pressure. It is not wise politically to lambaste your political opponent when you can not substantiate your claims and indeed have to with draw your allegations.

I personally feel sad for the local ALP supporters when their own leader has to eat humble pie. Its not a good look. Imagine the despair in the heart of the local Labor candidates in particular the likes of Steve Wettenhall and Curtis Pitt who are genuine when their own leader potentially destroys their chances of retaining their seats. They have every right to be disgusted in Premier Bligh's misguided actions. An apology would be in order to her local candidates

Ross Parisi

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