Monday, 19 March 2012

Letter to the Cairns Post Editor | Fred Inglis

To all those that phoned and emailed me, here is my answer to why I confronted Mr King on the 13th March 2012

'First I introduced myself to Campbell Newman and I asked him if he had any morals. At that stage Mr King took his baby off his wife for what reason I do not know. He chose to have his daughter on TV not myself.

 In fact, while I was waiting to talk with Mr King and Mr Newman I did not know there were press there until I asked the question to Mr Newman about his morals. It was then that I realised that some inconspicuous ladies put their mobile phones in to record. I have no idea where the camera was as it was not visible when Mr Newman and Mr King were talking to a lady before I spoke.

What I asked Gavin King was, “When your daughter turns 18 and has a few drinks and if she is raped will he tell her that she contributed to her own rape by drinking alcohol?” His answer was this is not an appropriate place to talk about such matters. I asked him where we could discuss it as he would not reply to letters to the Cairns Post and then he handed his daughter back to his wife and moved away so as he could no longer be questioned either by my self or the media that were there.

Why I told Campbell Newman to “piss off” and told him he was only in town for 10 minutes and he should have nothing to say yet stand there and try and defend G King and his attitudes to women. Everyone has a mother, sister, aunties, cousins, second cousins who are female. No woman deserves to be raped; drunk, sober, dressed or undressed.

We do not live in some overseas countries where it is acceptable to have wives as young as nine, in fact have several of them, and families who sell their daughters to prostitution. We are not animals where it might be acceptable for a male to force himself on to an other.'

This is from the Australian today except they have left the part out about my question to Mr Newman.
Those who yelled were apart of Mr King’s and Mr Newman’s entourage (please see photos and TV footage).

Please feel free to pass this on to any voter in the Cairns electorate.

Fred Inglis (Bayview Heights).

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