Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Power to the people: Planning for a liveable Queensland

With all of this going for us, it’s no wonder Queensland’s population is still growing by more than 1400 people every week, and we are the number one place to move for interstate migrants.

Good planning is critical to protecting our quality of life. That’s why I have delivered Australia’s first state wide Infrastructure Plan, with major transport, health, economic and community projects right across the State. We have award-winning regional plans that help protect local communities, and the Urban Land Development Authority is delivering affordable housing and well-planned communities.

But there is even more to do. That’s why a re-elected Bligh Government will build on our achievements and deliver an even more effective planning system for the future.

We will transform planning to give the community more say in the decision-making process, and ensure planning decisions are more transparent, accountable and at arms-length from politics. We will also continue to support the Urban Land Development Authority, and empower it to work even more closely with Councils to deliver innovative housing and effective planning for the communities of tomorrow.

In contrast, the LNP want to destroy the ULDA and remove the community’s right to appeal planning decisions they disagree with. Queensland can’t afford an LNP government that will tip the scales in favour of developers and put politics over policy. Labor has delivered Australia’s best planning system, and a re-elected Bligh Government will make it even better.
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