Wednesday, 14 March 2012

KAP | Keep our Assets



Keep our State Assets 
  • The Australian Party will stop the Labor Party and the Liberals selling off Queensland’s State owned power stations.
  • We will stop the sale of the Abbott point Coal terminal
  • We will stop any further sales of our strategic State owned assets and we will implement strategies to see a reversal of past asset sales where practicable.
Our state owned assets should be kept as state owned assets!
Australians have worked hard over the years to build and develop these assets and today, should be reaping their rewards and benefits. Our roads, ports and railways, water and electricity, the Snowy River Scheme are all infrastructure we should be immensely proud of.
The situation though, is that both of today’s bigger political parties seem determined to place these assets in the hands of multi-national corporations, selling them off in order to fund superficial projects aimed, not at bettering our country, but at protecting their own jobs at the next election. Time and time again, this has proven to deliver nothing but higher prices, and the loss of jobs.
This is something you will notice every time you pay for your electricity.

Since 2004, your average household bill has risen over $500 and is now flagged to rise again. One can only imagine the rise we will suffer if more of our electricity is sold to money-hungry corporations.
It's just not right that corporations (many foreign owned) end up getting the benefit of what has taken hard working Australians generations to build and pay off, particularly when the generations that follow are left to pay the price, every day.

  • "Governments should provide essential services such as airports, water, electricity, gas, health services, road networks, public transport and communications. Where such services are not provided by government, government should ensure that the services are affordable for all and of a reasonable standard".
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