Sunday, 11 March 2012

Newmans pays a heavy price for Campbell to be Premier

Lisa Newman in tears over attacks by Labor on family's financial interests

Campbell and Lisa Newman

Lisa Newman says she barely sleeps and broke down in tears as her husband Campbell Newman explained why they would drop all interests and positions in private companies if he was elected as Premier.
Grasping a box of tissues during an exclusive interview with The Sunday Mail, she said the repeated attacks from Labor during the state election campaign had devastated her family.
"The emotional impact consumes them," she said while she cried as she sat in a room of the LNP headquarters in Spring Hill. "I get excited if we sleep through the night, I really get excited if we have a night where we sleep through."

The majority of accusations have been centred around Mrs Newman's father Frank Monsour and her brother Seb Monsour. If Mr Newman is elected, within 90 days Mrs Newman would leave positions in private companies; relinquish interests in the House of Majella Enterprise Unit Trust; seek to be removed as a beneficiary of the Frank Monsour Family Trust; continue to not invest in listed company shares; follow advice by the Integrity Commissioner relating to superannuation; and never accept a paid public service position if Mr Newman is in office.

As she sat besides Mr Newman, the would-be-premier, she said her surgeon father Frank Monsour had devoted his life to the public system. When questioned if she had asked her husband to give up the campaign, she hesitated slightly before replying: "No."

"Because hard as this has been, the reason for running is still there ...the state," she said.
"You really think it was a joyous decision to leave city hall in the first place? I cried more than this the day we left city hall, that was a really hard decision to make." Mr Newman said

 Premier Anna Bligh was a "disgraceful individual" and an untrue smear campaign from Labor focussed on his family but to a much greater extent Mrs Newman's family. "Lisa has been really upset," Mr Newman said. "Her family have been very upset - her father particularly who is in his 70s - my sister in Canberra and my mother have been very upset as well. "I think it's fair to say the Newman family and the Monsour family feel they have been dragged through hell and back by Anna Bligh."

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  1. Goodness, poor Lisa. Has anybody had national discussions about the colour of her pubic hair yet. Julia Gillard had to suffer that idignity. Has her hair style, her dress sense, her behavior been ridiculed publicly. No, just the financial involvement of herself, her husband and her family in relation to government regulation and public office, a self created situation. Self responsibility doesn't seem to play any part in the lives of the Newmans just the "poor me" syndrome.
    Can we truly believe the statement that there will be a removal from income and connection from the businesses or will it be just a removal of their names where appropriate.

  2. She appears to me to be a histrionic woman. The pressure has only been on them for a few weeks and only concerns their finances. If there is nothing wrong with their financial arrangements, then there wouldn't be anything to worry about surely? How would Lisa Newman take it if her husband was subjected to the relentless abuse, vitriole, villification, sneering, jeering and being singularly blamed for every negative thing in the entire Cairns region as Val Scher has been? Good God, Lisa Newman has only had to endure this for a few weeks. Val has had to cope with it for YEARS and it is still continuing.


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