Friday 16 September 2011

Cairns Chamber of Commerce strides its vision

Calls to share mining boom wealth around Queensland's struggling regions, including the Far North

Damon Guppy
Friday, September 16, 2011
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It's the wish list that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland hopes will revive the Far North's struggling economy.

Far Northern chairman Brett Moller said the wish list was designed to counter rising business and household costs.

The chamber’s plan was for public wealth created by the mining boom and asset sales to be spread across the state, to help struggling regions such as the Far North.

"We need the Government’s focus to be on regional Queensland and infrastructure needs and to develop initiatives that boost jobs and get cash circulating around the economy," Mr Moller said.

CCIQ has asked the Government to:

make state taxation more competitive.
slash red tape for businesses.
lower energy prices.
tighten government expenditure.
implement a regional economic diversification plan.

CCIQ described the state’s economy as "patchwork" with resource-rich areas such as central Queensland enjoying a mini-boom and tourism-reliant regions such as the Far North suffering.

Mr Moller said the Government could divert money from mining taxes and public asset sales to projects in regional areas. "It would allow them to build some infrastructure for health, water, the Bruce Highway," he said.
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