Sunday 18 September 2011

Gillard should be for turning

Chris Bowen
Politics is a science that sometimes traps you insidiously. The latest asylum proposed policy to circumvent the Australian High Court is bad public policy and is further proof that the Gillard Government has lost its judgment and to some commentators its authority and therefore its legitimacy to govern.

The High Court by ruling that the Australian Government adhere to the United Nations signed protocol on refugee's human rights,  provided the Government with a perfect escape clause to abandon its external third party refugee policy and process refugee's application within Australian territories.

In passing, let me say that the High Court will continue to involve itself in such administrative matters, when called upon by aggrieved persons, while Australia does not have a Bill of Rights enshrined in law.

Gillard instead chose to catch up with the Abbott setting agenda of third party processing. In doing so the Government is furiously digging itself into a deeper hole that could ultimately suffocate it from the continuing collapse of 'middle Australia' support.

If Gillard had the ticker to be a leader of note, she should have abandoned the 'metoism' policy and declare from this day forward that Australia will abide with the spirit and the letter of the law of the signed asylum seeker protocol.

Whitlam, Fraser, and Hawke found no difficulties in aligning individually with altruism. Mind you, I am still at a loss to fathom, why of all politicians, the globe thinking Keating in 1991, would introduce mandatory detention.

What Gillard fears, the perception of a lack of nationalism, will instead be perceived as a sign of strength, more importantly adhering to ALP policy and stem the alienation of its core membership which have parked their vote with the Greens. 

What Gillard is effectively doing is endorsing Hansenism that Howard similar to Gillard was wedged into endorsing.

Gillard should trust middle Australia and leave it to the electorate to reward what would be a sign of statesmanship and decisive leadership.

Gillard should forget about recent spin such as window dressing the ALP with her stale and discredited vision of Americanism primaries and instead turn to the real Julia that is submersed somewhere deep within her estranged soul. 

Ross Parisi
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  1. A stupid government policy supported by your even stupider solution.

    Why have we ceded our sovereignty to the United Nations? Screw 'em. Renounce the charter and do what all the non-sucker countries do. Process migrants based on OUR rules, not the U.N.!

    Most of these people are not genuine refugees, they're economic migrants looking for an easy life.


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