Thursday 29 September 2011

Tanya Brooks-Cooper | Division 8 | Cairns Regional Council

Tanya is a long term Cairns resident, a dynamic and innovative community sector manager, wife, mum, student at JCU (again) and passionate Cairns community member.
Tanya wants to learn from those that have proudly lived here for generations that have worked to develop the region.  She would also like to celebrate the new arrivals that have set up home and those that are investing in Cairns for the future, either with skills, business or families, and understands they have much to share.  Acknowledging the traditional custodians, Tanya also cherishes her own culture and the diverse culture of her community.
Key issues on Tanya’s agenda include focusing on enhancing the unique character and feel of the different pockets in Division 8 and creating recreation opportunities. Profiling and highlighting opportunities to diversify Cairns’ economic base and making the region a friendly, open and safe place to live are also priorities.
 ‘I am passionate about Cairns, and getting the voices of Division 8 heard. I am listening and committed to making a difference. I’ve got my eye on the ball for issues happening in the Division and encourage people to get in touch with me as things arise over the next 6 months  as I’m sure the sitting Councillor will be busy focussing on her campaign for the Mayoral role.’ Tanya said.
 ‘I went to school and university here, all of my children were born here, and while we’ve travelled and I’ve gotten some great professional experience managing services across the state, I am at home here and I want to create and build the buzz around Cairns, the best place in the world to live.’
Representative roles are not new to Tanya after leading the Student Association at James Cook University for over 3 years, plus she drove the youth sector agenda and hosted a state wide conference in Cairns during her time at Cairns Regional Council. Coordinating communication, creating networks and driving sustainable solutions are all core business attributes for Tanya and things she really enjoys doing.
To find out more check out how Tanya is going to run her campaign please go to or find Tanya at  and at Tanyafor8.  
With a “can do” approach, Tanya Brooks-Cooper is committed to being part of the exciting future of Cairns region. 
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  1. Good to see young people stepping up and having a go. Best of luck Tanya!


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