Sunday 25 September 2011

'Gang of Five' flexes its muscle | Bonneau attended Council that day

Margaret Cochrane/Sno Bonneau and the story of the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre

The Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre is an incorporated community-based organization. Our vision is to be widely recognised as an organization dedicated to promoting, supporting and enhancing community, family and individual well-being. We operate within the Social Justice Principals of Equity, Access, Equality, and Participation through: Professional support; A friendly safe and inclusive meeting place; Respect for the individual; A commitment to the community; and Integrity throughout the organization.

The Centre is funded through the Queensland Department of Communities.

The Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre first invited the public into our new building in mid-June, but it wasn’t until Thursday 18 August that we were officially declared open for business by Minister for Communities, the Honourable Karen Struthers. Members of the Centre’s management committee and staff welcomed dignitaries from both State and Local Government, service providers and epresentatives from the builders and equipment suppliers, as well as a large number of our members and interested local residents.

President Bob Stemp addressed the more than 100 Neighbourhood News September 2011 … page 4 people present, outlining the journey the Centre had taken over 21 years of operation. The past five years of planning and negotiations have culminated in what we are now proud to offer the community—a beautiful, custom designed facility capable of taking the Centre into the next 21 years.

State Member for Barron River, Steve Wettenhall and Cairns Regional Council Mayor Val Schier congratulated the committee and staff on their achievement.


The State Government has allocated $2,000,000 to build a replacement Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre and had previously negotiated with Cairns City Council to locate this facility on vacant Council owned land at 26-28 Survey Street, Smithfield. Recent investigations of this site have identified significant drainage issues that have necessitated a review of the options available for the location of the new Centre. At the 23 October 2008 SACCS meeting, Council resolved to further consult with stakeholders and investigate options for the location of the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre

Ian Lowth: 1/59/13-01: #1857014-v3


That Council reject the request for relocation of the neighbourhood centre to the Smithfield Precinct and direct the applicant to the Survey Street site as approved.


The Neighbourhood Centre is and should be just what the name stated a neighbourhood centre, and should be placed in a neighbourhood and not in a sport and recreation precinct.

Council has no obligations to provide a site for this facility, but has a resolution of Council to provide the Survey Street site.This site is part of the approved Smithfield Masterplan and is earmarked for use as a Sport and Recreation Precinct, for now and into the future.

Carried:  Councillors Schier, Leu, Forsyth, Lesina and Pyne voting
against the motion

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