Sunday 11 September 2011

Cairns Regional Council | Blake to be put to the sword

Radio host ‘Locco’ wants his voice heard on council

  • Gavin King | The Weekend Post | September 10th 2011

Radio host Mike “Locco” O’Loughlin is throwing his hat into the ring of local politics, announcing he will take on Division 5 councillor Alan Blake at the local government election in March next year. 

Mr O’Loughlin, host of 846AM’s breakfast show, said he was standing as an independent candidate to put his passion for the Cairns CBD and surrounding suburbs into action.

“The reality is I’ve been working, dining, riding and living in the CBD and surrounds for the past 11 years and I’ve got real passion for the division,” he said.  “I’m doing this to be a communicator and a conduit for the division, and while the division has had representation in the past, I believe it can have better representation.”

Less than seven months out from the March 31 election, Mr O’Loughlin is the latest candidate to signal their intention to stand.

Commanding officer of the Far North’s 51st Battalion Lt-Col Steve Brain is running in Division 1, community worker Nick Thompson is standing in Division 4 and 19-year-old arts worker Jack Wilkie-Jans plans to be a candidate in Division 9.

Speculation continues to mount that former councillors Terry James and Annette Sheppard are also considering a tilt at the 2012 election.

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Additional information 

 Other candidates to announce their intentions are as follows:

 Mayoral:        Ian Thomas

 Division 8 :    Tanya Brooks-Cooper

 Division 2 :    Leigh Dall'Osto
                             Paul Drabble
                             Jeff Martinuzzi

The talk that Margaret Cochrane will run as a Mayoral candidate is just that. I do not believe  when the chips are down Cochrane will 'go to water' and not run. She has not got the ticker to be Mayor. In politics you can not be all things to all people and have enduring creditability. Nor will the electors reward a spoiler who has at every turn played politics and undermined the current Mayor. Cairns has come out second best whereas it deserves the best.

Ross Parisi


  1. Hey Ross you have made a mistake it seems you have me running in Div 4 at the council elections. I am not running in Div 4 I am in fact running in Div 2 Edmonton which is the area in which i live and there are plenty of issues down here that need addressing. I will be addressing in the future how I intend to address the issues of our area. I would hope that you could please ensure in future that you have me running for council in Div 2 Edmonton.
    Paul DRabble
    Canidate CRC elections 2012 Div 2

  2. Hi Paul. Thank you for your comment. My apology is extended to you for the error. I have corrected the Division that you are standing in.

    You are welcomed to utilise my Blog to announce policy and or comment on issues that are dear to you.

    All the best in your endeavours.


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