Tuesday 27 September 2011

What is usually in the mind is in the mouth...death by a thousand cut...oh Julia

Kevin Rudd blames jet lag for PM gaffe
Kevin Rudd
Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, in San Francisco today, says he does not foresee himself as prime minister of Australia again. Source: AFP

IT was the mother of all gaffes, and it couldn't have come at a worse time for Labor.

In a radio interview this morning Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd referred to himself as prime minister, before quickly correcting himself, and then blaming jet lag for the slip up.

"You know something, I'm a very happy little vegemite being prime minister ... being foreign minister of Australia,'' Mr Rudd told ABC Central West in Orange this morning.

"Your question was about being prime minister. There you've caught me, getting off the plane, jet lag. "And as for the prime minster, as I said before and said in the United States, I fully support the prime minister.''

Labor's poor polling, which shows the Gillard-led government would be swept out of office if an election were held now, has fuelled speculation the party will dump Prime Minister Julia Gillard and elevate Mr Rudd.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is in Port Macquarie this afternoon where he will participate in a community forum.

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