Thursday 22 September 2011

Cairns Regional Council | its time to restore fair play

I would like to preface my remarks by stating that I do this out of my enduring affection for Cairns City and its people, I do not take any personal pleasure in this posting but my observations need to be placed on the record.

The disgruntled Cairns Regional Councillors, and we know who they are, that voted on block to stall the Entertainment precinct, should hang their heads in shame at their belligerent attitude towards the residents of CRC.

Why on earth in their right mind would any Councillor, knock back the best part of $100 million gifted to the residents of Cairns, by the Federal and State Government, other than for petulant reasons?

These Councillors after three and half years are still spooked by the nightmare that Val did actually win the election and is the democratically elected Mayor of Cairns.

These recalcitrant individuals do not deserve the honour of being called Councillors. Sadly they do not even know the meaning of the word for if they did they would refrain with their destabilising tactics and act with dignity and honour their oath of Office.

Instead of working together as a team for the betterment of  Cairns and the wider region, one finds them shuffling latte coffee cups in late night get togethers and amongst other matters plotting how best they can disrupt the workings of a Council and ‘stick it up’ Val.

What they fail to understand and appreciate is that the residents/electors are not easily duped. They know that Val is an impeccable individual steeped in integrity and grace. She could get down to their level and play street politics, but she has not. Instead choosing to walk proud with her head held high always mindful of the ratepayers best interest.

The residents of Cairns well understand the dynamics that Val has had to contend with every waking minute. They know that she has not been given a fair go and will reward her by electing her Mayor of Cairns once again in March 2012.

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