Thursday 8 September 2011

Craig Thompson cleared by NSW police

Police have cited insufficient evidence to continue fraud probe into Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson
NSW Police have dropped a fraud investigation into Labor MP Craig Thomson,
citing insufficient evidence of a crime. Source: The Courier-Mail

THE NSW Police force has abandoned its investigation into Labor MP Craig Thomson and allegations he illegally used a union credit card to spend $100,000 on escort services.

"Bottom line is a crime hasn't been committed," a senior police source said. Police focused the investigation on the crime of deception and whether Mr Thomson deceived any brothels in NSW when he allegedly paid for services using his Health Services Union credit card.

Police said the credit card had his name on it and as a result there was no deception and, therefore, no criminality.

"Based on the subsequent material and information provided to NSW Police by the Health Services Union, including a 120 page document relating to their own examination of the use of Mr Thomson’s credit card, it was concluded that based on the accounting practises of the Union relating to the use of corporate credit cards, there was no evidence to warrant a formal investigation by NSW Police," a statement read.

The NSW findings will come as a huge relief to the federal Labor party, which faced going to a by-election and losing government if Mr Thomson was forced to resign. Mr Thomson holds the federal seat of Dobell in NSW.

Mr Thomson, who was not interviewed by police, has denied any wrongdoing.

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