Tuesday 20 September 2011

Raj Report | Bev Prescott commentary

Bev Prescott on said:

If Kirsten Lesina was fulfilling her duties as the councillor that she is getting paid to be, she would not have time to do what she is doing. Obviously Ms Lesina and especially Desley Boyle love to dig dirt because that is how they win their contests – by being dirty.

Let Desley show us where she has stood up and fought for Cairns in Anything that this Labor government wanted for Brisbane or Townsville ahead of Cairns. We can expect dirty tactics from the left this time around obviously.

I hope the LNP candidate whoever it may be does not stoop to their level. Being a reporter and a candidate are two different matters. Some people do not know how to take articles written “tongue in cheek”. I love Gavin King’s articles and can laugh at myself – some people have lost the ability to laugh at anything these days with all the political correctness.

As a female I have been more insulted by the lack of representation by Desley Boyle in the seat of Cairns. All I have heard Kirsten Lesina espouse is that she was in favour of Bike paths.

It is obvious that they are rattled to have a candidate running against Kirsten who has a much more public profile than she does.

Crikey is mainly a left wing organisation also.

Next we will see a campaign by the GetUp mob I suppose and Emily’s List and so on. I presume Kirsten would be a member of Emily’s List by now – this group seem to suck in all the left wing politicians and help them get elected as well.

Google Emily’s List to see what they are about everyone and see just who the members of that are!!



  1. What a strange article. Kirsten is left? When did that happen? Is anyone who is a member of the ALP deemed to be left. Not just left apparently but on the fringe of far left. Frankly, we would all be better off if everyone just forgot what was left and what was right and just got on with the job. We should judge each candidate on their merits, not on their leanings. Gavin King has not been pre-selected yet but it seems a certainty based on all commentary from the media and others. They are both young, both enthusiastic and both love the region. If you choose to vote for Gavin based on his quirky sense of humour (?) then that is just as silly as voting for Kirsten because you ride a bike. I sincerely hope that voters choose to become more informed on the issue before next years poll.

  2. No doubt King has some choice words to describe Bev Prescott. Another smutty reference to fish perhaps? Half witted old Bev will take it "tongue in cheek", cackle like a chook and show all her teeth.

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  4. Alright Terry. You're being a bit too smart there. For shame! Chances are Mrs Prescott did not understand the inferences in that particular column written by Gavin King.

  5. I apologise for removing the previous post which was far too unnecesary and personally offensive to Ross. However I still regard the post as a poor reflection on the author and have perhaps misrepresented the poster?

  6. KS, I am unsure why you would find the need in the first instance to write personally offensive material about me. Perhaps you may have overlooked the fact that all I have done in this instance is to cut and paste the posting of Bev Prescott on Raj Cairns Report onto my Blog. pursuant to my Blog's protocols I did not add or subtract any material that would have materially altered the tone of the article. Fell free to elaborate your grievance. Cheers.

  7. kirsten lesina has done almost next to nothing in her division throughout her time as councillor.
    as someone who is living in a suburb of "hers" and who is tired of the same issues here that were here previous to her election. I for one, am annoyed and tired of the same run down crap around here. oh sorry i forgot the new dog parks. great!!!!! she is forcing me to for the first time in my life vote for liberal in state gov. thanks kirsten. thanks for nothing


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