Thursday 26 April 2012

Cairns Community Alliance under suspicion for tampering with election signs.

Good morning Sam...may I respectfully suggest you intervene in this issue and have the person responsible ( has access to Roslyn Smith's signs) return the sign before I take the matter to the police...the matter will be referred to the police at 4.30pm today if not resolved to my satisfaction).

I find you an honourable person and therefore I expect you to assist in resolving this matter before it goes to the police and indeed becomes an embarrassment to Community Alliance.

Thank you. Ross Parisi. 
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Good morning Friends. You might recall that Tanya and I had a sign at the Caravonica roundabout a photo is attached below. A very telling sign showing up a serious problem. Last night at 8.15pm the sign printed in red was still there and there was no Roslyn Smith - Cairns Community Alliance sign anywhere near the roundabout.

After some time one of my supporters went on their usual tour or of inspection and notice a vehicle park nearby and a person alighted and proceeded to remove the red painted sign and planted a Roslyn Smith sign some 20 meters away right on the roundabout. My supporter followed the vehicle home.

The person responsible has until 4.30 today 26th April to return the sign to where it was. Falling that the matter will be reported to the police. Stealing is a criminal offence. I have 75 signs + 5 billboards and until last night had 2 stolen, one of which is on Discovery Drive which has been reported to the police with details of the transgressor.

Ross Parisi

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